Why study communication?

How do community organisations communicate to the public as well as building their profile? How do corporations develop a brand and then protect it when crises arise? How do emergency bodies warn the public when danger threatens?

How do they build public trust so their warnings will be delivered? How do health agencies shape campaign to change behaviour on smoking, eating, and exercise?  How do politicians shape or challenge public opinion? These are all roles fulfilled by communication practitioners.

Employment in the fields covered by communication and public relations is growing as government departments and agencies, charities, community groups and corporations all expand their various forms of communication. This industry-focused degree provides a thorough practical grounding in the realities and challenges of public relations.

Career opportunities

Public relations, marketing, journalism, media, advertising and sales promotion. It can lead to roles such as account executive, journalist, media broadcaster, strategic planner and communications adviser.

You can study communication through the Bachelor of Media and Communication or as a major within the Bachelor of Arts.

Short courses

We also offer single subject study. Visit our short courses page to find out more.

Communication placement opportunities

A media internship (MST3INT) is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Media Studies and the Bachelor of Journalism. In this unit, students will develop contacts with, and work in, a media organisation. Students will develop an understanding of issues internal to the organisation such as its goals, structure, management and work practices.

Overseas study opportunities

Students have the opportunity to go on exchange with our main US partner, the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri - the oldest journalism school in the world. Students can also take advantage of La Trobe's Journalism links with the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York; and Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh, Scotland. Also, our students have studied at a range of University of California campuses.  To learn more, please visit the Study Abroad program.

Student work

upstart is a project of La Trobe's Journalism, Media Studies and Cinema Studies programs. The site showcases the writing of emerging journalists.

Student and graduate profiles

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About the academic staff

You'll get to meet a large number of academics during your course, from tutors through to lecturers.

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