How do we know what we know?

Explore fundamental questions about the principles governing human thought, behaviour, existence and the material universe.

Why study philosophy?

Have you ever wondered why some actions are right and others are wrong? Or why believing in gravity is more sensible than believing in Santa Claus?

A philosophy major explores big, complex issues like human freedom, the constitution of knowledge and values, religion and how the modern scientific worldview emerged.

It teaches you to ask questions. Lots of questions. Questions that have more than one answer or no answer at all.

Learn to think rationally, creatively and fairly about the problems that face human beings and the contemporary world.

To view the variety of subjects available in this discipline see the Handbook.

Where can philosophy take me?

Philosophy prepares you for a career in a range of fields including ethics, policy, education and academia, research and analysis, media and communications, counselling and social work.

Why La Trobe?

  • Study with academics who specialise in a wide range of subjects including aesthetics, epistemology and metaphysics, ethics, social and political philosophy, environmental philosophy, feminist theory, history and philosophy of science, logic and modern and contemporary European philosophy.
  • Continue on to PhD level where you'll have two supervisors and access to funds for specialist training and conference travel.
  • Attend lectures by distinguished local and international philosophers.

Further study options

If you're an undergraduate with a philosophy major and a strong academic record, your Honours year awaits. Combine coursework and research in your specialised area of study.

Complete the Honours program with high grades to qualify for entry into the Masters by Research program or direct entry into the PhD program.

You can study this as part of a Bachelor of Arts. View all majors

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