Women in computer science and information technology

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is committed to ensuring our students, staff and academics feel safe, confident and able to achieve their potential.

Better representation of women is one of our School’s key objectives.

Currently, 20% of our undergraduate students and 35% of our postgraduates are women. Around 21% of our staff are women.

We work closely with industry partners to support staff and students in information technology-related careers.

Giving women opportunities to pursue information technology helps to narrow the gender pay gap, improves productivity and economic growth, enhances organisational performance, and contributes to a diverse and talented science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce.

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Gender equality at La Trobe

La Trobe University is committed to achieving gender equality in all operations.

This includes removing barriers to the career progression of women, transgender and gender non-binary staff, and increasing gender diversity in senior roles.

We signed up to the Athena SWAN Charter in 2015 and received a Science in Australia Gender Equity Bronze Institutional Award in 2019.

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Our students

In 2019, Maha Afaneh received the Australian Information Security Association’s Cyber Security Tertiary Student of the Year Award. “If girls see a woman coming up and achieving an award – even just being nominated – it will show they can study cybersecurity too,” she said.

In 2020, Emily Pendlebury received the same award. It added another title to Emily’s list of accolades, which includes an Optus cybersecurity scholarship and a place in the Google Women Techmakers Scholar Program.

Tina Huynh is studying a Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Commerce degree after being encouraged by family and friends to break gender stereotypes and pursue her interests. "Every day feels like a new adventure," she said. "I am always anticipating new learning and working experiences. As I continue to study this double degree, I look forward to joining the workforce when I graduate."


We have a range of scholarships available for women in computer science and information technology.

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Photo of Dalal Hanna

Studying information technology has given me new problem-solving skills, helped me to work well in a team and adapt to rapid change at work. We deserve to have female perspectives in this field and a diverse set of minds at every workplace.

Dalal Hanna
PhD candidate in network and cyber-engineering,
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology