Research specialisations

Our research focuses on areas of strategic importance to the class of computer science and information technology that will be produced over the next decade as well as their intellectual challenge. We have a strong commitment to both pure and applied research of practical importance in a wide range of industry, government, community, and international research partnerships.

Our strong industry-based research collaborations have resulted in many successful partnerships, and we have attracted support from many companies and external funding agencies.

Applied Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence

This research focuses on finding the best solutions for knowledge extraction and analysis of complex data structures, images, and functions for scientific and business applications. Current projects in this area include bioinformatics and computational solution for biomedical science, video and image analysis using deep learning techniques, audio recognition, content-based analysis, and pattern discovery.

Wireless and Mobile Computing and Networks

We conduct research in state-of-the-art next generation technologies, exploring mobile computing systems, wireless networks and software for a variety of platforms, wireless and network security, sensor-based technologies in the Internet of Things infra-structure, context-aware mobile services, advanced mobile applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems, mobile learning, and health education.

Big Data Management

In this area of research, we focus on new methodologies to manage large and complex data storage, integration, and processing to support data-driven decision support systems. Research projects of this group include data integration and conjoint analysis in customer relationship management (CRM), big data processing using Hadoop MapReduce and Spark, data management in aviation transport systems, social media, and health informatics.

Software Engineering and Architecture

We have attracted research and consultancy grants with industry through our research projects in the area of software development process and continuous improvement, global software development, software economics, and software engineering applications in the automotive industry.

Our postgraduate students

Below are our current postgraduate students, listed by their supervisor.

Jinli Cao

Naveen Chilamkurti

Phoebe Chen

Zhen He

Richard Lai

Fei Liu

Seng Loke

Eric Pardede

Wenny Rahayu

Andrew Skabar

Ben Soh

Torab Torabi

Prakash Veeraraghavan

Justin Wang

Mahardhika Pratama

Somnath Ghosh