Computing education and technologies

Our research focuses on developing class leading practises and technologies for the delivery of tertiary education. We work in the fields of computer science, information technology and cybersecurity.

We're tackling the challenges of pedagogic design, classroom interaction models and alignment toward end-stage employability.

Our group collectively has over 150 years' worth of practical educational delivery.

We receive high student subject satisfaction scores across the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

We also deliver a range of outreach activities to secondary school students across Victoria.

The purpose of our research is to benefit students and advance our respective disciplines. In this way, we contribute strongly to the development of the next generation of technology graduates.

Meet our team

Group members

Research projects

Augmented reality in learning to code

This project is exploring the needs of students when learning to code. We apply additional instructive overlays to on-screen code samples to assist student cognition.

Immediate technology assisted feedback

This project developed a web application for students to indicate their understanding of material in real-time as presented by the educator in the classroom.