Apply for research

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology maintains an extensive research program across a number of interests.

Prospective research students are encouraged to view our research specialisations and make contact with prospective supervisors in that area. Once you have secured the support of a supervisor you may apply for study by contacting the appropriate coordinator.

Computer Science and Information Technology thesis topics

Honours and Masters by Coursework thesis topics for students interested in further study in computer science, IT, computer engineering and games technology.


Fourth Year Coordinator

For more information about our Honours program please contact:

Dr Eric Pardede

Room 221, Beth Gleeson Building
T: +61 3 9479 3459

Further information

Honours degree students are selected on the basis of performance in their undergraduate course. If you are selected for Honours candidature, you will receive a letter of offer from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering.

If you do not receive an Honours offer and wish to proceed to fourth year studies in a particular discipline, you are encouraged to discuss prospects for entry to a Postgraduate Diploma with the fourth year coordinator.

To qualify for entry to the Honours year, students must obtain a minimum average of 60% across all of their third year subjects and obtain an average of at least 70% over their best 60 credit points of third year level computer science and information technology subjects (project included). The subjects CSE3PRA/PRB (30 credit points) will count as 15 credit points only in this calculation. Students are expected to find a supervisor prior to enrolment.


Postgraduate Coordinator

Associate Professor Justin Wang
Beth Gleeson Building, Room 232
Phone +61 3 9479 3034

How to apply

Email all the required material to the appropriate Postgraduate Coordinator. Candidates are advised to contact a potential supervisor before lodging their applications.

1. Prerequisites

  • Admission only: Bachelor Degree with Honours level at least H2A (WAM≥70 and thesis component at least 3/8 of total final year workload) or Master's degree with equivalent H2A (WAM≥70) scores (thesis component at least 3/8 of total Master workload). For international applicants with four year's Bachelor degree and strong research background (i.e., thesis component at least 3/8 of total final year workload and our assessing marks for thesis ≥80 with WAM≥80).
  • For PhD scholarship application: Bachelor Degree with Honours H1 or Master's degree with equivalent H1 (WAM≥80 and thesis component at least 3/8 of total final year workload). For international applicants from national top Universities (10%) with four year's Bachelor degree and strong research background (i.e., thesis component at least 3/8 of total final year workload and our assessing marks for thesis ≥80 with WAM≥80).

Notation: WAM means weighted average mark.

Remarks: (i) Special cases can be considered for applicants with impressive track records (e.g., some good journal publications with at least median impact factors for the FOR code as a first author). (ii) Applicants with full sponsorship can be considered with some flexibilities, i.e. if their WAM≥70 with thesis component about 3/8 of the course workload or some publications in relevant working fields. In this case, the principal supervisor needs to make a justification on the suitability and make sure that he/she will take responsibility to deal with any troubles during the PhD course.

2. Bridging Scholarship Application

Applicants that meet the following conditions can apply for our bridging scholarship depending upon the availability of scholarships from University.

Eligibility for applying for Bridging Scholarship:

  • (i) at least one KPI journal publication in corresponding FoR code. The publication must be from the candidates' thesis work, and the applicants must be the first or corresponding author of the publication; or
  • (ii) H1 or equivalent H1 with both thesis mark≥90 (thesis component at least 3/8 of the course workload) and course work marks ≥90 (normal thesis assessment procedure).
  • Other requirements for case (i): For local applicants: H1 with minimum thesis component at least 3/8 of the final year workload; For international applicants: Master degree holders (including the current students approaching to complete their Masters) + average course marks85.
  • Thesis mark assignment for eligible candidates: Our two academics will mark the publication or thesis and we take the average of these marks. PG coordinator will take responsibility to adjust the final thesis marks based on the quality of the thesis itself and the marks from the publication. All thesis with marks 85 will be endorsed by the Research Committee for bridging scholarship applications. 
  • Requirement on translation of thesis: If the applicant can be defined as an eligible applicant for Bridging Scholarship Application for Case (i), it is not necessary to translate his/her Master thesis into English version. For Case (ii), the thesis must be translated into English for normal thesis assessment.

3.     Materials required in Application

  1. Official copies of degree certificates (if not from La Trobe)
  2. Official copies of transcripts for both Bachelor and Master's degrees (if not from La Trobe)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (resume) and a research proposal
  4. Two referees' reports
  5. Electronic copy of thesis (must be in English)
  6. Electronic copies of all publications, if any
  7. English test requirements or certificate (for international applicants).
  8. Official sponsorship letter for those applicants who meet the case (ii) in Remarks.