About the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is advancing knowledge and innovation in artificial intelligence, data science and cybersecurity.

We specialise in interdisciplinary research, international collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are ranked in the world’s top 400 universities for computer science, developing courses with industry leaders including Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon.

We recognise the importance of industry experience in today's workplace. We offer students opportunities to engage in Work Integrated Learning and industry-based projects, giving them the edge in an ever-changing world.

Our computer labs are designed for collaborative work, giving students access to state-of-the-art facilities, including the latest artificial intelligence technology.

“We’re committed to extending the frontiers of knowledge, developing technology and advancing education,” says Head of Department, Professor Henry Duh (pictured). “Our staff are at the top of their respective fields. We are very proud of our excellence in teaching and research.”

Sector-leading education

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology offers education programs that are innovative and sector-leading. Our focus is on teaching excellence, providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in fast-paced professions.

Our undergraduate offerings are designed to allow students to become professionals in computer software engineering, and network and information systems.

Our postgraduate offerings provide graduates with specialist skills and strong research proficiency in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital media, information technology and Internet of Things (with specialisations in software engineering, cloud, digital health, network and social media).

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Future-focused research

We have a strong team of researchers who are developing innovative solutions for industry, health and science.

Our research supports La Trobe’s five research themes: Sustainable food and agriculture; Resilient environments and communities; Healthy people, families and communities; Understanding and preventing disease; and Social change and equity.

Our research is grouped into five key areas:

Artificial intelligence and data science

Our researchers are experts in artificial intelligence and data science including data mining, machine learning, deep learning, and computational and biomedical informatics.

Cybersecurity and networking

Our researchers are working to prevent, identify and counter threats and vulnerabilities that impact users, systems and networks.

Internet of Things and disruptive technology

Our researchers specialise in applied research, knowledge and technology transfer, and the application of current and new disruptive technologies that fundamentally change the way things are done.

Visualisation and interactive media

Our researchers are experts in visualisation, interactive media and education technology including information visualisation, human-computer interaction, virtual and augmented reality, and computer vision.

Computing education and technologies

Our researchers are developing leading practices and technologies for tertiary education in computer science, information technology and cybersecurity.

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Research centres

Our staff play key roles in the La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub and the Cisco-La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub

The La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub has a multi-disciplinary research agenda in cybersecurity. It enables the University to contribute to the growing national cybersecurity ecosystem and to become a thought leader in research, teaching and socio-technical development.

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Cisco-La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

The Cisco-La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things galvanises a decade-long partnership between Cisco and La Trobe University. The Centre is the first of its kind in Australia to exploit the synergy between state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies. It is creating a new home for innovation and collaboration, enabled by access to world-leading programs, to deliver ideas that will drive Australia’s digital future.

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