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    Arts, social sciences and communications

    Jessica Micallef - B Media and Communication - Graduate T
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    'I can proudly say I'm a journalist at the Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Star Weekly Newspaper.'

    'When I received the phone call saying I was successful in getting the job, I told myself that all the work I've done at university has sure enough paid off.'

    'I have to thank La Trobe for giving me the education and experience I needed to secure a full-time position as soon as my degree was over.'

    Jessica Micallef
    Bachelor of Media and Communication (Journalism) graduate

    Kevin Kapeke - B Politics, Philosophy and Economics Graduate T
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    'I learn a lot from the interactive discussions the tutors facilitate. They help me to stay really engaged through my course.'

    'I've seen how international and interconnected my career could be. I've been to Nepal on a study tour, seen politicians work in Canberra and attended many conferences that have bettered my network.'

    'I wanted a university that could embrace my personal hope and cater to my needs to help me be a global citizen. I feel like I'm already on my way.'

    Kevin Kapeke
    Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics student

    Caiti Holzheimer - Bachelor of Archaeology - Graduate
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    In such a niche industry, the opportunity to meet with both early-career and established archaeologists who had good working relationships with stakeholders such as Registered Aboriginal Parties, Traditional Owner groups, Aboriginal Victoria and Heritage Victoria was essential in shaping my career pathway in professional archaeology.

    Caiti Holzheimer, Bachelor of Archaeology
    Heritage Advisor,

    Nick Bisley | Professor, Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences | Staff | Testimonial
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    La Trobe's Humanities, Innovation and Technology course answers the call for graduates who can bring a humanities perspective to fields like AI, sustainability, virtual reality and big data. It shapes future leaders to guide the progress of society and respond to questions surrounding ethics, inequality and digital disruption.

    Nick Bisley
    Professor, Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
    La Trobe University

    Tonya Stebbins | Associate Professor of Linguistics | La Trobe University | Testimonial
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    Language is central to our experience as social beings and a source of significant expressive and interpersonal power. Becoming fluent in a second language and understanding how language works are key skills in a global economy as well as central to effective communication in more local settings. People who are able to communicate effectively are highly valued by employers and sensitivity and insight into the speech and language of others allows for more sophisticated and nuanced responses to their needs.

    Tonya Stebbins
    Associate Professor of Linguistics,
    La Trobe University

    Kevin Brianton | Senior Lecturer | Master of Strategic Communication | Staff Testimonial
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    I have enjoyed a fantastic career in strategic communication. It’s one of the most exciting careers available as it opens up doors across the world. I have worked in federal, state and local governments, not-for profit, consultancies and in-house. I hope I can use my experience to give students entry to one of the best professions available. La Trobe now offers a career –focussed program to achieve that goal.

    Dr Kevin Brianton
    Senior Lecturer | Course Co-ordinator | Master of Strategic Communication,
    La Trobe University

    Business and commerce

    Susan Saldanha - B Business - Graduate T
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    'The most valuable thing I've learnt is developing my emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills when working in a team.'

    'I feel much more confident going out into the workforce and taking on a managerial role as these human skills help set me apart.'

    Susan Saldanha
    Bachelor of Business student

    Ustashia Pillay - B Accounting - Graduate T
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    Studying at La Trobe has been a memorable and valuable experience. My course has allowed me to expand both my knowledge and skills, and opened up many opportunities along the way. My time at La Trobe has made me realise my potential to make a difference in my field of study.

    Ustashia Pillay
    Bachelor of Accounting graduate

    James Lalios - Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws - Graduate T
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    La Trobe gave me opportunities to intern at a variety of firms across the business sector where I honed the skills I’ll be bringing into the workforce. The best part of my course has been making a connection with my tutors. They want to help you develop not only as a student, but as a person too.

    James Lalios
    Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws graduate

    Kok-Leong Ong - B Business Analytics - staff T
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    Photo of Dr Kok-Leong Ong

    The increased competition and global challenges faced by businesses have made a data-driven strategy more important than ever. This course will provide the range of skills necessary to become a successful analytics professional. With a practice-focused curriculum and an emphasis on developing strong business acumen to complement data analysis skills, our graduates will be highly sought-after across a range of industries.

    Dr Kok-Leong Ong
    Associate Professor, Program Director (Business Analytics),
    La Trobe Business School
    College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

    Cameron McIntyre - B Digital Business - Alumni - Testimonial
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    Photo of Cameron McIntyre

    La Trobe's Bachelor of Digital Business is an excellent response to the constantly changing world of business. The skills and knowledge it teaches are what employers are looking for from graduates. I certainly would've studied the program had it been offered years ago.

    Cameron McIntyre
    Chief Executive Officer,

    Geoff Raby - Alumni - Testimonial
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    Photo of Dr Geoff Raby AO

    I’ve been privileged, but the biggest privilege I think I’ve had is the background in education I got at La Trobe that equipped me to do what I’m doing.

    Dr Geoff Raby AO
    Chair and CEO of Geoff Raby & Associates
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    Mohit Bhargava - Alumni - Testimonial
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    Photo of Mr Mohit Bhargava

    We live in one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world. So, I urge you to take comfort in knowing you’re all more than enough and you have what it takes. Just back yourself. And most importantly, never let another person’s perspective of you, or your capability, become your reality.

    Mr Mohit Bhargava
    General Manager of Sales and Marketing,
    Big4 Holiday Parks
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    Sean (Sobhan) Asian | Senior Lecturer – Supply Chain Management | Staff Testimonial
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    When I look back over my professional life, I can confidently say that pursuing my higher education in the field of Supply Chain Management was the best decision I have ever made. Prior to joining La Trobe, I have worked in manufacturing, R&D, and consultancy sectors and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with students. The La Trobe’s Master of Management–Supply Chain & Logistics specialisation course is uniquely designed to produce job-ready graduates, enabling them to go on to get a job in both product-based and service-based organisations.

    Dr. Sean (Sobhan) Asian
    Senior Lecturer | Supply Chain Management,
    La Trobe University

    Tasneem Chopra | Master of International Development | Alumni Testimonial
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    La Trobe is a microcosm of diversity. When young people from diverse communities go to La Trobe and have a positive experience, they feed that back, and it creates a domino effect

    Tasneem Chopra
    Master of International Development, 2012,
    Cross Cultural Consultant and Social Justice Activist
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    James Fazzino | Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) | Alumni Testimonial
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    Photo of James Fazzino

    As we grew the business and took it global, we created significant opportunities for career advancement and distinctively changed the paradigm for women, who now play leading roles in Incitec Pivot’s management and operations.

    James Fazzino
    Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), La Trobe, 1986,
    Chair, Manufacturing Australia and Vice-Chancellor's Fellow, La Trobe University
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    Jarryd Burns | Bachelor of Business | Alumni Testimonial
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    It was tough, but we knew we had a great idea and we existed for something bigger than ourselves.

    The skills I learnt at La Trobe were extremely useful in starting the business

    Jarryd Burns
    Bachelor of Business, 2010,
    Co-founder of Thankyou
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    Bronwyn Curtis OBE | Bachelor of Economics, 1970 | Leading economist | Alumni Testimonial
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    It was the whole atmosphere of the place that made us feel like we could succeed

    Bronwyn Curtis OBE
    Bachelor of Economics, 1970,
    Leading economist
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    Jill Tang | Bachelor of Commerce, 2006 | Co-Founder of Ladies Who Tech | Alumni Testimonial
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    The experience at La Trobe was the most enjoyable for me because I got the full student life and campus experience. So not only from an academic perspective was it great, but it also gave me the global outlook I am applying to my work now.

    Jill Tang
    Bachelor of Commerce, 2006,
    Co-Founder of Ladies Who Tech
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    IT and engineering

    Alex Stumpf | Lecturer in the Department of Engineering | Testimonial
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    La Trobe University Engineering graduates have demonstrated a high level of employability. Myself and other academics in the department try to instil in every graduate a passion for problem solving and innovation, with a view to having work ready skills. Over the last decade we have seen incredible technological change in our society, and I am confident that our graduates are ready to contribute to technology that makes our lives easier and better.

    Dr Alex Stumpf
    Lecturer in the Department of Engineering,
    La Trobe University

    Jason Notaro | Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial) | student
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    Photo of Jason Notaro

    'The staff are very supportive and always willing to assist. 24/7 access to the Engineering Building is very helpful during design projects, allowing access to computers, 3D printers and soldering equipment whenever we need it.'

    'La Trobe is providing me with excellent guidance and advice while I'm on placement. The academics ensure the course content applies to what we can expect when working in industry.'

    Jason Notaro
    Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial) student

    Daim Zaidi | Bachelor of Information Technology | student
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    Photo of Daim Zaidi

    Being able to complete the Diploma of Information Technology and progress directly into the second year of the Bachelor of Information Technology was a big selling point for Daim.

    'I'm now so confident with my IT skills, programming and web development. Teachers respond quickly to help in any way they can. I ended up using my hour-long consultation time and received really good feedback on my assessments.'

    Daim Zaidi
    Bachelor of Information Technology student

    Henry Duh | Head of Department of Computer Science and IT | Staff Testimonial
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    Photo of Professor Henry Duh

    AI will be one of the most influential technologies to drive the next industrial evolution and change the way we live and do business. La Trobe’s AI course provides wide topics ranging from machine learning, computer vision, virtual reality to robotics. It helps students to learn the fundamental theories and carries the required skills applying to manufacturing, retail, financial and medical industries.

    Professor Henry Duh
    Head of Department of Computer Science and IT,
    La Trobe University

    Kale Beesley | Manager Infrastructure Services | Bendigo Telco | Industry Testimonial
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    Photo of Kale Beesley

    IoT adoption is revolutionising industries worldwide, enabling more rapid deployments of IP-enabled devices built on vast, interconnected networks.

    This influx presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Service Providers like Bendigo Telco. It demands a unique approach to network design, particularly relating to security. Without intelligent planning and preparation, IoT can present a massive risk to organisations arising from the ever-expanding digital attack surface of devices that have little to no built-in security.

    To help us provide the right service and meet massive demand, we're going to be relying on the latest innovative thinking. We couldn't be more excited for La Trobe University's Masters of IoT program, and to meet the next generation of thought-leaders.

    Kale Beesley
    Manager Infrastructure Services,
    Bendigo Telco

    Simon Egerton | Deputy Head | Department of Computer Science and Information Technology | Test
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    Photo of Simon Egerton

    The Internet of Things represents the highest technology growth area globally. This disruptive technology enables industry to innovate, optimise, increase efficiency and maximise available resources. The Master of Internet of Things at La Trobe University is co-created with key industry partners and will give you a career ready foundation to be the next IoT thought leader and innovator. I invite you to join us on this exciting technological journey and to ask yourself, what part will you play in the IoT revolution?

    Simon Egerton
    Deputy Head – Department of Computer Science and Information Technology,
    La Trobe University

    Michael O'Keeffe | B Electronic Engineering B Science (Honours), 1992 | CEO of Aesop | Alumni Testimonial
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    Photo of Michael O'Keeffe

    What La Trobe did is help me see the world a little bit differently and to solve problems in different contexts. So much about business is finding your difference.

    Michael O'Keeffe
    Bachelor of Electronic Engineering,
    Bachelor of Science (Honours), 1992,
    CEO of Aesop
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    Education and teaching

    Saliha Zeyneb Gurdag - Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) - Graduate - T
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    Photo of Saliha Zeyneb Gurdag

    'I chose education at La Trobe because of my passion for being around young, bright individuals, and for teaching them to become the best version of themselves.'

    'With the level of support we receive from our teaching staff and the networking opportunities available, I truly believe we’ll all have great teaching careers.'

    Saliha Zeyneb Gurdag
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) graduate


    Brittany Romas - Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice - Graduate T
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    Photo of Brittany Romas

    I've always wanted to do something great with my life and I believe La Trobe can help me do that. The university offers a lot of opportunities to people who want to engage in personal development and growth, and who dream to do something they're really passionate about.

    Brittany Romas
    Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice graduate

    Harry Pham - Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice - Student T
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    Photo of Harry Pham

    La Trobe is preparing me for my future career through teaching me the people skills that are often neglected, especially interpersonal communication and building meaningful relationships with other people. The true value of La Trobe extends beyond academic success, which is why so many employers see the value in La Trobe graduates.

    Harry Pham
    Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice student

    John Chen | Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Podiatric Practice | graduate
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    Photo of John Chen

    At La Trobe’s clinic, I can apply my knowledge in a way I wouldn’t be able to in the classroom. It’s a better way of learning, and observing the clinical supervisors is highly motivating. It helps me understand where I need to improve and sets the bar of excellence quite high.

    John Chen
    Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Podiatric Practice graduate

    Noah Duldig | Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) | student
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    Photo of Noah Duldig

    'For me, La Trobe’s community orientation and excellent courses puts it above other universities. The spirit of La Trobe has always been welcoming, from the very first Open Day I attended to the ongoing support of tutors and lecturers.'

    'The psychology courses provide fantastic insight into the profession through an optional placement with the Department of Health and Human Services and an accredited program: the first step on the path to becoming an accredited psychologist.'

    Noah Duldig
    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) student

    Meri Vukicevic | Senior Lecturer | Course Coordinator | Discipline of Orthoptics | La Trobe University Alumnus
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    Photo of Meri Vukicevic

    'La Trobe’s Bachelor of Orthoptics degree provides students with clinical placement opportunities from first year. The theoretical and clinical skills that students learn make them job ready at the completion of the course and they can embark on an exciting orthoptic career in diverse sub-specialties. In addition, the Honours research component of the degree supports students who wish to undertake higher research degrees (Masters or PhD).'

    'I am a graduate of Orthoptics at La Trobe University and have enjoyed a very interesting and dynamic career as an orthoptist and academic.'

    Meri Vukicevic
    Senior Lecturer & Course Coordinator, Discipline of Orthoptics,
    La Trobe University

    Daniel Bonanno | Acting Discipline Lead Podiatry | Staff | Testimonial
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    Photo of Daniel Bonanno

    La Trobe's Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours) offers a world-class clinical program, which aims to prepare students for an exciting professional career in both public and private health sectors. Students work with highly experienced clinical staff to gain hands-on experience in community health centres, hospitals and at our on-campus podiatry clinic. Experience is gained in managing sports, paediatric and surgical cases - all of which will be critical in the job market of the future.

    Daniel Bonanno
    Acting Discipline Lead Podiatry | 3rd Year Podiatry Co-ordinator | Lecturer Discipline of Podiatry,
    School of Allied Health, Human Services and Sport | College of Science, Health and Engineering, La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre

    Carina Chan | Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator | Master of Professional Psychology | Staff Testimonial
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    Photo of Dr Carina Chan

    La Trobe University’s Master of Professional Psychology program has been designed to meet the growing demand for mental health professionals in the market. This 5th year of training prepares you to be job-ready for your final year of supervised practice towards registration as a general psychologist. Supported by experienced staff and advanced resources, the innovative curriculum enables you to learn with great flexibility, apply evidence-based practice and experience unique placement opportunities that will give you a leading start in your future professional practice.

    Dr Carina Chan
    Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator,
    La Trobe

    Andrew Cameron OAM | Bachelor of Nursing, 1991 | Director of Nursing at Birdsville Clinic | Alumni Testimonial
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    Photo of Andrew Cameron OAM

    All of life involves taking risks to some degree, and the more good I can do for others on my professional journey, then I am happier for that.

    Andrew Cameron OAM
    Bachelor of Nursing, 1991,
    Director of Nursing at Birdsville Clinic
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    Law and criminology

    Belinda Moore-Gilbert | Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations graduate
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    Photo of Belinda Moore-Gilbert

    Challenging and interesting subjects only scratch the surface of what La Trobe can offer its law students. A law degree at La Trobe not only provides you with the knowledge and resources to develop technical excellence, but also allows you to apply these skills in a practical and relevant manner.

    Belinda Moore-Gilbert
    Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations graduate

    Artur Kats | Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) student
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    Photo of Artur Kats

    'Through La Trobe, I've interned at a migration agency, and I'll do another internship, hopefully in property and commercial law.'

    'Through learning in-demand skills, undertaking internships and gaining connections through La Trobe events, I've received more than enough assistance to be job ready on graduation.'

    Artur Kats
    Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) student

    Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM | Bachelor of Laws | Alumni
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    Photo of Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM

    You will always have people who will tell you what you can and cannot be. Listen to your voice. Own your power. Use your privilege. Hold onto your values. And lead with radical empathy, love and compassion.

    Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM
    Bachelor of Behavioural Science, 1994
    Bachelor of Laws, 1999
    Doctor of Laws (honoris causa), 2019,
    Founder and CEO, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
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    Madeline Beckwith, Biomedical Science (Medical) student
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    Photo of Madeline Beckwith

    I want to make a difference to the doctor shortage across rural and remote Australia, enabling all Australians access to the healthcare and resources that they deserve. The variability within the job from day to day and the opportunity to work in close-knit communities are both reasons that rural practise appeals to me; I would love to know all my patients and colleagues well. I ultimately aim to become a rural generalist and practice in remote areas of Australia or to work with the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service.

    Madeline Beckwith
    Hometown Wargan

    Oscar McGraw, Biomedical Science (Medical) student
    AssetID: 1069160
    Photo of Oscar McGraw

    Not only am I enjoying the theoretical challenges of the course and the associated content, but also the social aspect of university life. I’ve found the transition into university life to be an extremely stimulating and enjoyable experience as you are constantly making new friends and connections, especially being surrounded by likeminded people who share similar aspirations and desires.

    Oscar McGraw
    Current student

    Kunind Oberoi, Biomedical Science (Medical) student
    AssetID: 1069173
    Photo of Kunind Oberoi

    I'm enjoying the atmosphere of the course and enjoying learning about the human body and working in the health sector.

    I'm surrounded by a positive community of students within the same degree and other disciples of health who share the same passion for health, and it excites me that some of these people might be my colleagues in the future.

    Kunind Oberoi
    Hometown Mildura

    Max Clifton-Saben | Bachelor of Science | graduate
    AssetID: 1070842
    Photo of Max Clifton-Saben

    'Many lecturers went out of their way to help me succeed. They were more than happy to discuss scientific research above and beyond the prescribed course work.'

    'The hands-on practical classes – including dissections, research projects, fieldwork and off campus excursions – cemented the theory taught in lectures. Group assignments taught me how to collaborate, manage people and delegate tasks – skills I’m now applying in my current role.'

    Max Clifton-Saben
    Bachelor of Science graduate

    Elise Benjamin | Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science | student
    AssetID: 1070851
    Photo of Elise Benjamin

    'La Trobe has provided me with many opportunities and diverse knowledge to help me succeed in my future aspirations.'

    'I have found the university to be extremely supportive towards the individual. All my tutors have helped me strive to understand the world around me and the many opportunities available to make a difference.'

    Elise Benjamin
    Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science student