Kale Beesley | Manager Infrastructure Services | Bendigo Telco | Industry Testimonial

Photo of Kale Beesley

IoT adoption is revolutionising industries worldwide, enabling more rapid deployments of IP-enabled devices built on vast, interconnected networks.

This influx presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Service Providers like Bendigo Telco. It demands a unique approach to network design, particularly relating to security. Without intelligent planning and preparation, IoT can present a massive risk to organisations arising from the ever-expanding digital attack surface of devices that have little to no built-in security.

To help us provide the right service and meet massive demand, we're going to be relying on the latest innovative thinking. We couldn't be more excited for La Trobe University's Masters of IoT program, and to meet the next generation of thought-leaders.

Kale Beesley
Manager Infrastructure Services,
Bendigo Telco