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Photo of Madeline Beckwith

I want to make a difference to the doctor shortage across rural and remote Australia, enabling all Australians access to the healthcare and resources that they deserve. The variability within the job from day to day and the opportunity to work in close-knit communities are both reasons that rural practise appeals to me; I would love to know all my patients and colleagues well. I ultimately aim to become a rural generalist and practice in remote areas of Australia or to work with the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service.

Madeline Beckwith
Hometown Wargan

Photo of Kunind Oberoi

I'm enjoying the atmosphere of the course and enjoying learning about the human body and working in the health sector.

I'm surrounded by a positive community of students within the same degree and other disciples of health who share the same passion for health, and it excites me that some of these people might be my colleagues in the future.

Kunind Oberoi
Hometown Mildura