Sheffield Hallam University

Strategic partnership between La Trobe University and Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

After many years of working together, La Trobe and Sheffield Hallam universities decided, in early 2019, to further strengthen their relationship and create a new strategic partnership.

The new agreement provides students from both universities with international learning opportunities, with students spending a portion of their study in the UK and Australia, helping to enrich their university experience, and enhance their employability prospects. Staff exchanges are also being expanded.

The alliance also strengthens research collaborations. Both universities are working more closely together to create opportunities for research and innovation projects with global impact through shared areas of strength.

This is an exciting partnership that brings together two universities that share a common vision of the transformative potential of universities.  Both universities share common values of excellence, inclusiveness and equity. They also recognise the importance of providing students with opportunities to succeed at whatever they choose to do, irrespective of their backgrounds and personal circumstances, and believe in the potential of education and research to address the most significant social, cultural and economic challenges.

By establishing this strategic partnership, La Trobe and Sheffield Hallam recognise opportunities to provide their students with an international learning experience, to work collaboratively on research and innovation projects with global impact and to share good practice and innovative approaches to higher education.

The partnership between La Trobe and Sheffield Hallam Universities provides an international example of the transformative potential of universities working together. A direct result of our partnership between the two universities is our Bachelor of International Tourism and Hospitality Management and PhD scholarship programs.

About Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) was founded in 1843 as the Sheffield School of Design in response to the industrial revolution, in which the town of Sheffield established itself as a leading centre for steel production.

Granted university status in 1992, SHU is now the sixth largest University in the United Kingdom with over 30,000 students undertaking various studies, including 4,000 international students from around the world.

Sheffield Hallam University was named University of the Year for Teaching Quality in the 2020 Times/Sunday Times Good Universities Guide.

The exchange experience

Hear from three Sheffield Hallam University students about their experience when studying at La Trobe University.

About La Trobe University

For the past 50 years, La Trobe University has been transforming people and societies. We put our students at the centre of everything we do - with a dual emphasis on excellence and inclusivity.

The University features in the top 400 of all three major world university rankings. It is one of only 12 universities to achieve 100 per cent world-standard success in the 2018 Australian Excellence in Research for Australia 2018 report, with all broad areas of research rated at, above or well above world standard.