Voice Care for Teachers -  DVD
by Alison Russell, Jenni Oates and Cecilia Pemberton

Voice Care for Teachers - DVD

The Voice Care for Teachers DVD provides you with the information you need to look after your voice.

Teaching is a vocally demanding profession. Few teachers receive any advice on how to look after their voices. Research throughout the world has concluded that school teachers are three times more likely than the general population to develop voice problems, with up to 20% of teacher's experiencing voice problems each year.

The Voice Care for Teachers DVD has been designed to provide you with the information you need to look after your voice and help you prevent problems. It has been written and produced by speech pathologists: Dr. Alison Russell (9Adelaide), Ceclillia Pemberton (Sydney) and Dr. Jenni Oates (Melbourne) who have all worked extensively with teachers with voice problems.

For further information or to order the DVD visit the Voice Care for teachers [external link].

Voice Care for Teachers - online

by Jenni Oates

Voice Care for Teachers - Online Program [PDF 1MB]

In 1998, the Department of Education and Training (DET) in Victoria contracted Dr Jenni Oates to work with their Occupational Health and Safety Unit to develop a web-based educational program designed to promote vocal health and prevent voice problems in school teachers. The high prevalence of voice problems among teachers, the negative impact of such problems on teachers, students and the school system, and the preventable nature of most voice disorders had indicated to DET that allocating resources to develop an effective prevention and voice education program was warranted. The resulting Voice Care for Teachers Program was completed and implemented in schools throughout Victoria in 2000. The program is now also used widely by teachers in non-government schools and by other professionals who rely on an effective and reliable voice for their occupations (e.g., singers, actors, television and radio presenters, auctioneers, barristers etc). The Voice Care for Teachers program is comprised of 3 components:

  • Implementation Guide for School Management
  • Action Planning Guide with Voice Assessment Tools for Teachers
  • Voice Care Training Materials (Anatomy and Physiology of voice production, symptoms and causes of voice problems, effective voice production techniques, minimising harmful vocal behaviours, maximising physical and emotional health, optimising the physical school environment for healthy voice use).