How is Voice Produced

There are three main systems to voice production: Power, Source, and Filter. Each system is equally important. The main goal in voice therapy is to maintain a balance between all three systems.

The systems are described briefly below.Voice Diagram

Power (Respiration)

Our lungs provide the in and out air flow needed for voice. We breathe air in to expand our lungs. As we breathe out, this air is pushed from the lungs back up through the voice box (larynx) and out through our mouth/nose.

There are correct and incorrect ways to breathe, and it is important we have strong breath support as a good foundation for voice production.

Source (Phonation)

The air pushed up by our lungs travels through the windpipe to the voice box (larynx). The voice box is a system of cartilages, muscles, ligaments and mucous membranes whose main purpose is to control the vocal cords. This is where the sound is produced.

Filter (Resonance)

The sound then travels further up to the filter which is made up of the bony spaces in our throat and head, such as the mouth and the nasal cavity. Together with our teeth, tongue and lips, we shape the air and sound to vibrate in different ways. This is what makes our voice sound unique.