General Voice Services

The General Voice Clinic works with children and adults who may require therapy for:

  • a diagnosed voice disorder
  • pre and/or post-surgical voice rehabilitation
  • issues that arise due to voice use at work or school

What will the program look like

Each program is individualised to your needs and may include the following:

Voice assessment using specialised computer software

Assessment is completed before starting voice therapy at the Clinic. It is important that your voice is thoroughly evaluated so that we can ‘get to know your voice’. We will ask you about your voice use, we will listen to your voice as you speak and complete an audio recording of your voice to be analysed by computer software. After the assessment, we will talk with you about whether voice therapy will be helpful and help you set your goals for voice therapy.

Voice therapy

We will offer voice therapy sessions providing  education and support with (but not limited to) vocal health, stretching/relaxation, efficient breathing for voice change and specific exercises to increase the range, flexibility, efficiency and stamina of your voice.

Home practice

You will be provided with a regular practice regime of voice therapy tasks to be completed at home.

Application forms

Please complete and return the following applications forms.  These forms must be completed before your referral is processed.

If you need any assistance, please call clinic reception on (03) 9479 1921 or email

Request for services: consumer information [PDF 181.6 KB]

Consent form [PDF 491 KB]


Fees apply for general voice services. Our fees are not refundable through Medicare or private health insurance. Concession is available on the presentation of a Health Care Card. Fees may be altered according to family income and individual circumstances.

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