Speech and language

What is the Speech and Language Clinic?

We provide services for preschool children with speech and/or language delays or disorders. Tailored to your needs, our speech pathology services include a combination of assessment, individual and/or group therapy, parent/carer education, reviews and home programs.

Using research and best practice principles we can support you and your child in an enjoyable and positive process.

Services are provided by our student clinicians who work under the supervision of a qualified Speech Pathologist.

Registration and assessment

Once your child is accepted into the clinic, we will offer you an assessment session with our Speech Pathologist. During your assessment we will discuss the parent/carer concerns, your child's developmental history and other relevant information.

An assessment takes from one to two sessions, using standardised or informal testing to assess your child's communication. You will receive  a written report of the results.

After the assessment, we will make a decision with you about therapy. This could include:

  • Being referred to an alternative service. This may occur if a developmental disorder/delay (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay) is suspected
  • Additional therapy sessions
  • Being placed on a waiting list for a therapy program
  • A review session

If we feel that your child needs services from an alternative agency (e.g. Early Intervention) we will facilitate this referral.


Using the results from your assessment we will decide which areas will be worked on in therapy.  You will play an active role with our Speech Pathologist in regularly assessing your child’s progress and reviewing treatment goals. We aim to make your child's experience of therapy  fun and positive. This process will require that you practice regularly with your child at home.


To be eligible for the Speech and Language Clinic:

  • Your child has not started school
  • Your child’s primary impairment is speech and/or language
  • Your child does not have a developmental delay that is the result of intellectual, physical or sensory impairment e.g. autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay. These children will be referred to the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) service
  • Your child is not receiving speech pathology assistance at the same time from another state or federal government funded organisation such as the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Social Services or the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • You agree to the fee and attendance requirements
  • Children who are receiving services from another speech pathologist will not usually be offered a service at LCC at the same time.

Attendance requirements

Multiple cancellations or failure to attend may result in discharge from the clinic. A cancellation fee may apply for non-attendance.

Speech and Language Clinic Brochure [PDF 301.5KB]

Application forms

Please complete and return the following applications forms.  These forms must be completed before your referral is processed.

If you need any assistance, please call clinic reception on (03) 9479 1921 or email communication.clinic@latrobe.edu.au


Our fees are not refundable through Medicare or private health insurance. Concession is available on the presentation of a Health Care Card. Fees may be altered according to family income and individual circumstances. For other programs or group therapy, different fees will apply.

Other important information