Young School Aged Children

Our treatment

Treating stuttering in children whose stuttering has persisted beyond the preschool years may involve adjusting expectations so that we can work with parents/carers to set realistic and achievable goals for their child's fluency.

Research shows that eliminating stuttering beyond 6yrs may for some children be less likely than when they were younger but still possible. We therefore aim to to treat school aged children using individualised programs for each child and we utilize principles from two programs (The Lidcombe Program and the Westmead/Oakville Programs).

Our principles of treatment remain family-centred and treatment decisions are based on:

1. Client preferences

2. Research evidence

3. The expertise of your clinician to ensure that you are supported to make your decisions with knowledge and understanding about stuttering.

4. We are focused on enabling and supporting you and your child to achieve best outcomes in achieving and maintaining fluency and overall well-being in communication, social interactions, education and all domains of life.

The Lidcombe Program

A two-stage program aimed at children aged up to six years.

The Westmead and Oakville Programs (Syllable-Timed Speech)

These two programs are highly similar and research is ongoing. They are also a two-staged programs for children up to 6yrs and school-age children up to 12yrs.

Application Forms

Please complete and return the following application forms.  These forms must be completed before a referral will be processed.

If any assistance is required to complete these forms, please call clinic reception on (03) 9479 1921 or email to request assistance.


Our fees are not refundable through Medicare or private health insurance. Concession is available on the presentation of a Health Care Card. Fees may be altered according to family income and individual circumstances. For other programs or group therapy, different fees will apply.

Other important information