Pre-school Children

We specialise in stuttering treatment for pre-school children using The Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention. This is an evidence-based program that uses a behavioural approach to treating stuttering. This is achieved by praising the child for fluent speech, then gradually helping them to identify and correct their stuttering. Research has found The Lidcombe Program to be most effective in eliminating stuttering in preschool children up to the age of six. However, principles of this program can be used to treat children up to 10-12 years.

Features of the Lidcombe Program

  • Treatment is delivered by the parent/significant other in the child's everyday environment
  • Treatment training is provided by the speech pathologist.
  • Treatment is provided in the form of 'Parental Verbal Contingencies', i.e. Praising for stutter-free speech and careful, guided correction of stuttering.
  • The program should be a positive and fun experience for the child.
  • The parent is trained to rate the severity of their child's stuttering each day.
  • The program involves weekly sessions conducted either face to face or via Telehealth.

Paediatric Fluency Clinic Brochure [PDF 191.3KB]

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