Language and phonology

What is the Language and Phonology Program?

This program is for preschool children with speech and/or language delays or disorders and their carers. It may involve a combination of carer education, group therapy, individual therapy, a home program, assessment and review, according to the individual needs of the client.

Referrals and assessment

Referrals can be made by contacting the clinic. Once your child is accepted into the program, we will usually offer an assessment. This will involve the speech pathologist enquiring about the carer’s concerns, the child’s developmental history and other related areas.

Standardised or informal testing will be conducted to assess the child’s communication. Usually assessment will take one to two sessions with feedback on completion of assessment.

Following the assessment, decisions are made jointly with the carer about further input from the clinic. This may involve offering further sessions, placing the client on a waiting list for a particular therapy program or placing the client on review. If it is felt that clients would benefit from services from an alternative agency, this referral will be facilitated.


If therapy is deemed to be necessary, the results from the assessment will be used to determine areas to be targeted in therapy. Carers play an active role with the speech pathologist in regularly assessing the child’s progress and reviewing treatment goals. The experience of therapy should be fun and positive for the child. Therapy will require the carer to conduct regular practice at home.


  • The child must not have started school
  • The child’s primary impairment must be speech and/or language
  • The child must not have a developmental delay that is attributable to intellectual, physical or sensory impairment (these children will be referred to Early Childhood Early Intervention services)
  • The child must not be receiving assistance from another organisation funded by the Department of Human Services
  • The carer must agree to the fee and attendance requirements
  • Children who are receiving services from a private speech pathologist will not usually be offered a concurrent service at LCC

Attendance requirements

Clients who fail to attend more than two appointments without prior cancellation may not be offered further services. A cancellation fee may apply for non-attendance.

Application Forms

Please complete and return the following applications forms.  These forms must be completed before a referral will be processed.

If any assistance is required to complete these forms, please call clinic reception on (03) 9479 1921 or email to request assistance.


Our fees are not refundable through Medicare or private health insurance. Concession is available on the presentation of a Health Care Card. Fees may be altered according to family income and individual circumstances. For other programs or group therapy, different fees will apply.

Other important information