Clinical programs

La Trobe Communication Clinic offers a range of speech pathology and audiology services to the public.

Making an appointment

Call our clinic reception to register or enquire about our services on (03) 9479 1921 between 9am–4pm Monday to Friday or send an email to

if you require a speech pathology appointment, you will be sent a Request for Services Form and Client Consent Form, and for specific clinical programs a Client Information Form within two working days of initial enquiry. These forms must be completed, signed and returned to the clinic before an appointment can be made.

If you require an audiology appointment, the appointment will be made for you over the phone.


There is a high demand for services provided by the clinic, and we have waiting lists for our services. Commitment to attending scheduled appointments is therefore important.

Multiple cancellations or failures to attend may result in discharge from the clinic.


Clients will be admitted to the clinic if they meet the eligibility guidelines outlined under each specific clinical service, and agree to the fee schedule and attendance requirements. No client will be refused services based on gender, race, religion, or sexuality.


Fees vary according to the service offered and funding source. See our fee schedule.

How appointments are arranged

Speech Pathology Appointments

Once your completed forms are received by the clinic, our staff will review the application. If additional information is required, staff in the clinic will contact you. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application. Eligible clients will be contacted when an appointment becomes available. A waiting list may apply.

We provide Telehealth appointments for a number of our clinical programs to access to our services when travel is difficult. See Telehealth for further information.

Audiology Appointments

Once you make contact you will be offered the next available appointment over the telephone. A waiting list may apply.

Other important information

For more detailed information about our clinical programs see below.