Consumer participation

Our policy is to actively encourage the participation of clients and students in the life of the clinic.

The interests of both of the clinic’s two primary consumer groups – clients (people with disorders of communication and their significant others) and speech pathology students in the Discipline of Speech Pathology – is reflected in the first two points of our mission statement:

  • To provide speech pathology services in accordance with best practice principles that are client-centred and evidence-based.
  • To achieve excellence in clinical education.


Individual client care level

  • Clients and carers are encouraged to actively participate in therapy in order to achieve their communication goals.
  • Clients have the right to participate in decision making about their care including the right to refuse services or student participation in a session.

Service management level

Clients have the right to express their views regarding the planning, management and evaluation of services by:

  • Communicating directly with clinic staff.
  • Communicating to the Clinic Manager either directly or in writing.
  • Contacting the Health Complaints Commissioner.
  • Providing formal, anonymous feedback through our Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS), which is distributed annually.

Find out more about providing feedback.


Individual student placement level

During orientation, students are required to read the clinic’s Policy & Procedures manual. Students participate by formulating their learning objectives in conjunction with their clinical educator and recording these in a ‘Learning Agreement’.

At the mid-point and end points of clinical placement, students have the opportunity to discuss their formal assessment feedback with their clinical educator.

After completion of their placement, students are encouraged to complete a ‘Clinical Placement Feedback’ form. This gives the students the opportunity to provide feedback about their clinical placement and the supervision they received.

Service management level

Students participate in service level planning and administration in the following ways:

  • Senior students are encouraged to participate in clinic team meetings.
  • Under supervision, senior students undertake administrative and management tasks such as client record audits and management, resource audits, site inspections, and compilation of Client Satisfaction Surveys.


The Head of Department runs feedback groups and information from these forums is fed back to staff at department planning days.

Student body level

Student representatives from each year are members of the undergraduate curriculum team, which includes clinical subjects.

Recognition of consumer participation

Student contributions are recognised through a variety of clinical awards that are open to students undertaking placements at the clinic.