Research Activities

The Centre provides a dedicated platform to enhance the calibre and quantum of China-related research drawn from across the University, by harnessing and coordinating existing expertise and by attracting new expertise to pursue collaborative research opportunities nationally and internationally. Through the China Studies Seed-funding Research Grant Scheme and the China Studies Seminar Series, the Centre is actively involved in supporting China-related research across both Colleges, and in disseminating the outcomes of that research both internally and externally.

Current Research Projects

Creating, developing and leading innovative research is essential to attracting and retaining national and international research partners. The Centre Director currently leads the ARC Discovery project: DP160100671 (The Awakening of Faith and New Confucian Philosophy). This  project involves extensive national and international collaborative research networks and has provision for new research staff to be employed and affiliated with the Centre.

DP160100671 The Awakening of Faith and New Confucian Philosophy

This project aims to advance the knowledge base of modern Chinese philosophy by providing a new narrative about the complex and diverse intellectual identity of modern New Confucian philosophy and how that identity has been misrepresented. It will demonstrate Australian expertise and initiative in bringing together leading researchers to forge innovative research networks and in fostering the broader engagement of Chinese philosophers with the international scholarly community.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Members of the Centre have recently published the following research and participated in the following presentations.

Recent Publications and Presentations