ESDM: Autism Playmates

What is the ESDM?

The ESDM is a comprehensive, behavioural early intervention model for young children with ASD. Utilising a developmental, relationship- and play-based approach, ESDM therapists target children's individual goals through play and daily routines. The ESDM addresses all domains of a child's development (for example, gross and fine motor, communication, social and play skills).

What does Autism Playmates look like?

Autism Playmates is delivered in your child’s natural environment, at home or possibly at childcare or kindergarten. A therapy assistant, trained in the ESDM, will embed ESDM into your child’s play and daily routines. Your child’s program and its delivery is supervised by an ESDM Certified Therapist, who is an experienced allied health or education professional who specialises in working with young children with ASD. A parent, guardian or responsible adult, is required to be present (in the building) during all home visits. For more information regarding the program and fee structure please refer to the Autism Playmates Program Guide [609 KB].

Who is eligible for Autism Playmates?

Children will be eligible for the program if, on entry to the program, they:

  • Have an autism spectrum disorder
  • Are aged between 18-42 months
  • Are walking independently
  • Have non-verbal age equivalent of 12 months or higher
  • Do not have an uncorrected hearing or visual impairment

Parents will be eligible for the program if, on entry to the program, they:

  • Commit to 10-12 months enrolment in Autism Playmates

Contact details.

We are passionate about the benefits of Autism Playmates and would be delighted to enhance your child’s development. Please feel free to contact Autism Playmates to express your interest in the program or to seek clarification about the program delivery. We are also passionate about objectively evaluating our program and invite participating families to be part of the research. We can provide you with more information about the associated research study.

Gabrielle Toscano
Program Coordinator
(03) 9479 2122