Pay online

To make a credit/debit card payment

You can access our online payment facility using your credit or debit card (AMEX, VISA and MasterCard only) and PayPal

1. Select your service type.

2. Enter your information.

  • Parents name
  • Childs name
  • Parent account number (your account number is on your last statement and is a 2 or 3 figure number next to parent name).
  • Service Type
  • Amount (Do not put a dollar sign)
  • Comment

3. Print receipt.
You may print a receipt now or enter an email address to receive an emailed receipt.
NB: This does not take the place of our fortnightly statements which will continue to be  issued  as per Federal Government regulation.

La Trobe staff

Pre Tax (Salary Sacrifice) and Post Tax (Salary Deduction)

  • Consult with Children's Centre Administrative Assistant.
  • Complete online form: Ask Services.

Any queries?

Please direct any queries to or 9479 2122

Please remember child care fees are payable in advance.