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The Department of Chemistry and Physics has an international reputation for research excellence and a proud history of excellence in teaching. Our graduates are in high demand for skills that they learn and develop while completing our courses.

We offer subjects across a number of areas of study, including:

We also have Bachelor, Honours and Postgraduate degrees, which gives students valuable research skills and enables you to work as active members in one of our research groups.

Applying for a degree

If you’re not a year 12 student and have not already applied through VTAC or UAC then you may be eligible to apply directly to La Trobe. You can check whether your course accepts direct applications by reading the 'How to apply' information in the course description. International students can find more information here.

Bachelor's degree

Students study in the degrees including our Bachelor of Science course and as part of a double degree. Selected undergraduate degrees are open for direct applications.


The Science Honours is a fourth year of undergraduate study where students undertake placement in a research laboratory in La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS). During their Honours year, students work independently on their own research project, culminating in their writing and submission of a thesis. Apart from training in a wide range of experimental techniques, students who complete Honours develop advanced skills in critical thinking, communication, presentation, working as part of a team, and time-management. These skills are highly transferable and sought-after by employers from all sectors.

Information on how the program is run and specific project details are available via this LMS site; current La Trobe University students just need to self-enrol to access the page. For external students, please email the subject coordinator (Professor Jason Dutton) for access.

Postgraduate degrees

The Chemistry and Physics Department offers postgraduate courses and research programs that allow you to work as an active member of a research lab in an area of your choice. Choose from postgraduate coursework (Master of Chemical Sciences), or postgraduate research including a Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Find out more about how to undertake postgraduate coursework study or a graduate research degree in our world-class facilities. Learn more about our research and current projects.


Study a Diploma as an entry-level course that will lead you to further study.

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