Professor John

Professor John Moses

Professor of Organic Chemistry

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Molecular Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science



Recent publications

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Gao B, Li S, Wu P, Moses JE and Sharpless KB (2018) SuFEx Chemistry of Thionyl Tetrafluoride (SOF4) with Organolithium Nucleophiles: Synthesis of Sulfonimidoyl Fluorides, Sulfoximines, Sulfonimidamides and Sulfonimidates, Angew. Chem. Int Ed., DOI: 10.1002/anie.201712145.

Jenner M, Kosol S, Griffiths D, Prasongpholchai P, Manzi L, Barrow AS, Moses JE, Oldham NJ, Lewandowski JR and Challis GL (2018) Mechanism of Subunit Interaction at Ketosynthase-Dehydratase Junctions in trans-AT Polyketide Synthases, Nat. Chem. Biol., doi: 10.1038/nchembio.2549.

Manzi L, Barrow AS, Hopper JTS, Kaminska R, Kleanthous C, Robinson CV, Moses JE* and Oldham NJ* (2017) Carbene Footprinting Reveals Binding Interfaces of a Multimeric Membrane-Spanning Protein, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56(47): 14873.

Smedley CJ, Barrow AS, Spiteri C, Giel M, Sharma P and Moses JE (2017) Sulfur-Fluoride Exchange (SuFEx)-Mediated Synthesis of Sterically Hindered and Electron-Deficient Secondary and Tertiary Amides via Acyl Fluoride Intermediates, Chem. Eur. J., 23(42): 9990-5.

Li S, Wu P, Moses JE and Sharpless KB (2017) Thionyl tetrafluoride (O=SF4) adds another dimension to SuFEx click chemistry: A S-(VI)-Hub, which sequentially and flawlessly accepts three discreet, SuFEx-able modules, Angew Chem Int Ed., 56(11): 2903-2908.

Han L-C, Stanley PA, Wood P, Bradshaw TD and Moses JE (2016) Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons approach to piperlongumine analogues with potent anti-cancer activity, Org Biomol Chem., 14: 7585.

Silverman SM, Sharpless KB and Moses JE (2016) Click chemistry synthesis of [1,2,3]-triazole vancomycin dimers with potent activity against MRSA and VRE, Chem Eur J, 23: 79.

Manzi L, Barrow AS,Scott D, Layfield R, Wright TG, Moses JE and Oldham NJ (2016) Carbene footprinting accurately maps binding sites in protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions, Nat Commun., 7: 13288.

Zhang E, Tang J, Li S, Wu P, Moses JE and Sharpless KB (2016) Chemoselective synthesis of polysubstituted pyridines from heteroaryl fluorosulfates, Chem Eur J, 22: 5692.

Barrow AS and Moses JE (2016) Synthesis of sulfonyl azides via Lewis Base Activation of sulfonyl fluorides and trimethylsilyl azide, Synlett, 27: 1840.

Bhat SV, Robinson D, Sharma P and Moses JE (2016), Synthesis of oxadiazol-5-imines via the cyclizative capture of in situ generated cyanamide ions and nitrile oxides, Org Lett., 18: 1100.

Stanley PA, Spiteri C, Moore JC, Barrow AS, Sharma P and Moses JE (2016) Biomimetic approaches towards the synthesis of complex dimeric natural products, Curr Pharm Des., 22: 1628.

Roe S, Gunaratnam M, Spiteri C, Sharma P, Alharthy RD, Neidle S and Moses JE (2015) Synthesis and biological evaluation of hybrid acridine-HSP90 ligand conjugates as telomerase inhibitors, Org Biomol Chem., 13: 8500.

Cousins ARO, Ritson D, Sharma P, Stevens MFG, Searle MF and Moses JE (2014) Ligand selectivity in stabilising tandem parallel folded G-quadruplex motifs in human telomeric DNA sequences, Chem Commun., 50: 15202.

Moore JC, Davies ES, Walsh DA, Sharma P and Moses JE (2014) Formal synthesis of kingianin A based upon a novel electrochemically-induced radical cation Diels–Alder reaction, Chem Commun., 50: 12523.

Powell KJ, Han L-C, Sharma P and Moses JE (2014) Chemoselective palladium-catalyzed cyanation of alkenyl halides, Org Lett.,16: 2158.

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Borreguero AM, Carmona MS, Sharma P, Spiteri C, Martínez-Velencoso M, Rodríguez JF and Moses JE (2013) A novel click-chemistry approach to flame retardant polyurethanes, React Funct Polym., 73: 1207.

Carbone G, Burnley J and Moses JE (2013) A catalytic and tert-butoxide ion-mediated amidation of aldehydes with para-nitro azides, Chem Commun., 49: 2759.

Burnley J, Carbone G and Moses JE (2013) Catalytic reduction of ortho- and para-Azidonitrobenzenes via tert-Butoxide ion mediated electron transfer, Synlett, 24: 652.

Powell KJ, Sharma P, Richens JL, Davis BM, O’Shea P and Moses JE (2012) Interactions of marine-derived gamma-pyrone natural products with phospholipid membranes, Phys Chem Chem Phys, 14: 14489.

Ritson DJ and Moses JE (2012) A fragment based click chemistry approach towards hybrid G-quadruplex ligands: design, synthesis and biophysical evaluation, Tetrahedron, 7: 197.

Spiteri C and Moses JE (2012) Continuous flow synthesis of secondary amides by tandem azidation-amidation of anilines, Synlett, 23: 1546.