Magnetic coherent diffraction imaging

Research in modern magnetic materials with applications in sensor technologies and magnetic storage is largely focussed on thin films with lateral patterning. Outstanding questions concerning the relationship between physical properties and mesoscale phases (spin, charge, lattice) can be addressed by coherent imaging techniques using X-rays resonant with inner-shell atomic transitions.

We use coherent diffractive X-ray imaging to visualise magnetism at the nanoscale. In collaboration with researchers from the Australian Synchrotron and Taiwan Photon Source, we are developing methods for coherent diffractive imaging of magnetic systems in reflection-mode.

Our work in this area draws upon a variety of simulation and experimental methods. We undertake micromagnetic modelling using finite-element methods, fabricate patterned magnetic thin-films, and use novel electron spectroscopy to characterise the films we that we prepare. These methods inform developments of our imaging methods and to provide information that will contribute to an understanding of the physics underlying technologically relevant magnetic systems.