Tran - Interactions of X-rays with matter, optical coherence and X-ray imaging

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Chanh TranDr Chanh Tran

Lecturer, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our research covers both fundamental and applied fields in X-ray science. Together with our collaborators from the University of Melbourne, the Australian Synchrotron, Photon Factory Japan, and Advanced Photon Source and Stanford University in the United States, we have developed the X-ray Extended Range Technique to quantify the interaction cross-sections (photo-absorption, scattering, and fluorescence) between X-rays and a range of important elements and compounds. The results have been used as benchmarks to critically investigate alternative theoretical calculations of atomic processes. We are now developing the technique for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure studies.

Our group has also played the leading role in an international collaboration determining the complete coherence property of synchrotron X-ray beams, which is important for the development of advanced light sources for frontier scientific research around the world.  We have extensive experience in various forms of propagation-based X-ray imaging, and are developing quantitative full field imaging techniques using polychromatic X-ray sources. The techniques promise great opportunities for critical X-ray-based research to be conducted using table-top laboratory X-ray sources.

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