Chemical biology

Chemical biologyChemical biology demonstrates how chemistry can be applied to solve biological problems, and with expertise in both Click and Biomimetic chemistry, we are ideally placed to exploit our skills in chemical biology applications.

In collaboration with Professor Neil Oldham, we have developed a new protein foot-printing approach for application in the study of protein-protein, and protein-drug interactions. A photo-chemically activated molecular click probe, that when irradiated, inserts into given regions of the target proteins. Mass spectroscopy techniques are then used to pinpoint patches of ligand-protein surface binding.

What makes our approach unique is the flexibility of the probe design, which allows us to tune them to focus on certain areas of the protein. We have demonstrated the feasibility of our method for in a proof of principle study in several systems, and are currently developing the method for wider application. We are particularly keen to develop collaborations where we can utilise our molecular based methodology as a supporting technology for biology (see Nat Comm., 2016).