Moses - Design and syntheses of new functional molecular entities

Group leader

John MosesProfessor John Moses

Professor of Organic Chemistry, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

With a background in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, the primary research interests of the Moses research group are in the design and syntheses of new functional molecular entities, and the development of new methodologies for challenging and useful chemical reactions/transformations.

A significant proportion of the Moses group’s research is multidisciplinary and conducted in collaboration with specialists, allowing us to explore beyond the boundaries of our own discipline and achieve greater outcomes.

Our research interests are diverse in application and scope, yet can be categorised into one of three main areas: i. Click Chemistry; ii. Natural Product Synthesis, and iii. Chemical Biology. These research themes naturally blend well together: “To search for function, and apply knowledge, skills and techniques to the study and chemical intervention of natural & biological systems.”

Research Areas