Brack - Surface modification and characterisation of advanced materials

Group leader

Narelle BrackDr Narelle Brack

Senior Lecturer, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our research focuses on creating, understanding and controlling materials at the nanometer scale. We have a strong focus on surface science, in particular, exploring chemical and molecular properties and processes at surfaces and at interfaces. Surface modification strategies have been designed and developed for a diverse range of material systems including next generation aircraft materials, carbon nanomaterials and electrospun nanofibres. Surface analytical studies have provided significant insight into the fundamental aspects and properties of these systems.

We have made significant and innovative contributions in a number of research fields for example:

  • Growth and manipulation of CNTs for improved strength composite materials
  • Ultrasonicated ozone modification of exfoliated graphite and CNTs for ink jet printing applications and hierarchical-nanocomposite materials
  • Next generation aerospace materials
  • Micropatterning of fluoropolymer surfaces.

Research areas