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Heavy metal detection

Dr Conor Hogan has pioneered a new approach to detect heavy metals in contaminated water

New research centre launched

La Trobe’s new Biomedical and Environmental Sensors Technology Centre has been launched

Unique chemistry

Dr David Wilson uses the periodic table and a supercomputer to model new chemical bonds and reactions

Demonstrating excellence

Jennifer Meister-Turner is the inaugural recipient of the Brad Stringer award


We asked Dr Evan Robertson, an expert on optical spectroscopy, “Has science changed how you see the world?”

Natural solution to insect bites

Professor John Moses develops botanic insect repellent based on Australian natural products

Space-age sensing for drugs

Dr Courtney Ennis is developing new detection methods for illicit drugs

Cheers to next generation wine testing

How smartphone technology can improve wine quality

Seeds offer anti-cancer promise

Professor John Moses specialises in identifying alternative routes to molecules that optimise pharmaceutical yield and effectiveness

Mapping molecules

Professor Brian Smith discusses the critical role of molecular modelling in drug discovery

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