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Focus on Nicholas Smith

What does a Captain in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps and a molecular scientist have in common?

LIMS Summer Scholarships

Summer scholarships across Cancer, Infection and Immunity, Molecular Design and Nanoscience

Revealing the colour of cancer cells

New microscope slide could improve cancer diagnosis

Smart microscope slides detect cancer

Innovative NanoMslide will benefit early breast cancer diagnosis

Focus on Marjan Hadian-Jazi

Have you ever wondered what Big Data is? And who the human faces behind it are?

Focus on Mandeep Kaur

A chemist? A teacher? A manager? A gardener? Mandeep Kaur is all four – and more. But above all, teaching is her passion.

Painting picture of breast cancer spread

Deeper understanding of how breast cancer moves into vital organs

Solving a 25-year T cell conundrum

How T cells are triggered when they encounter an infection or virus

How La Trobe is transforming microscopy

High contrast images generated instantly, enabling faster diagnosis

Discovery makes the invisible visible

Researchers have enhanced an almost 100-year-old imaging technique

Understanding the role of cholesterol at the nanoscale

Researchers have identified why cholesterol could be important to our health at the molecular level

Master's student excels in lockdown

Masters student debunks existence of oft used molecule while in lockdown

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