About the Department

The Department of Chemistry and Physics has a strong focus on laboratory-based classes with a hands-on approach to practical and theoretical study, producing graduates of the highest calibre. We emphasise the importance of real-world experience through industry research and professional development across various community programs. Our small class sizes allow students to work closely with dedicated teaching staff across both the chemistry and physics fields of study. Our state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities and industry partnerships ensure you are well prepared with the practical experience needed when you enter the workforce.

Our physics courses prepare you for a dynamic and creative career by teaching problem-solving skills and technical fundamentals. You will start building practical and theoretical skills from first year, and graduate ready to work in new and exciting roles in emerging areas including medical diagnostics and treatments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, minerals extraction and the automotive sector.

Each year, our chemistry students work on community based programs in collaboration with our partners. These practical skills allow students to build strong community and professional connections across a broad range of scientific areas.

The annual Max O'Connor Memorial Lecture was established in honour of Dr Max O'Connor significant contribution to the early development of Chemistry at La Trobe. It recognises and celebrates outstanding achievements by chemists in Victoria.

The Department is situated within the School of Molecular Sciences and is based in the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS).

Dr David Wilson
Head, Chemistry and Physics