Keynote presentations

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited keynote, Equity at the end of the student life cycle: strategies for success, completions and graduate outcomes, ECUlture Conference Meaningful student success: A focus on what works for retention and employability, Perth, 5 November.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited panellist, Student Success, Regional Universities: Anchor Institutions Transforming their Regions conference, Gold Coast, 18 October.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited presenter, Equity at the end of the student lifecycle: addressing graduate outcomes of under-represented students, seminar at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, 10 October.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited panellist, What Matters for Future Enabling Policy, NAEEA Symposium Enabling voices: Policy-Practice-Research & Evaluation, Newcastle, 27 September.

Luckman, M. (2018). Invited attendee, Building Legacy and Capacity Workshop Four: Equity 2030 — A long-term strategic vision for student equity in higher education, Docklands, Melbourne, 14 June.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited presenter, Care leavers in Australian higher education, National Out of Home Care and Higher Education Symposium University of Newcastle, 17 May.

Harvey, A. (2018). Graduation speech, La Trobe College Australia Graduation, La Trobe College Australia, 19 April.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited panellist, Tertiary Education Forum: How to achieve an equitable tertiary education system, panel organised by the Centre for the Studies of Higher Education (CSHE) and KPMG, Melbourne, 26 February.

Harvey, A. (2018). Invited presenter, Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee: Inquiry into career advice activities in Victorian schools, Melbourne, 19 February.

Harvey, A. (2018) Invited delegate, Alliance for Global Innovation in Tertiary Education Global Convening, American Council of Education, Washington DC, 2-4 February.

Munn, B., Harvey, A. & Fuller, E. (2017, 20 November). Special Interest Group, Out of Home Care Leavers, Equity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia (EPHEA) Conference, Brisbane, 20-23 November.

Harvey, A. (2017) Invited panellist, Counting What Matters: Higher Education Accountability and Equity, US Association for the Study of Higher Education, Houston, 8 November.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited presenter, NCSEHE webinar: Career development for students in low SES or regional/remote high schools, webinar, 11 October.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited expert, NCSEHE Workshop: Career advice for students in low SES or regional/remote high schools, University of Canberra, 28 September.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited keynote, Pathways to the Future, Careers Pathway Forum, Cathedral College Wangaratta, Melbourne, 27 July.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited inaugural keynote address, Enabling education Special Interest Group, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, Sydney, 28 June.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited keynote, How do schools understand university admissions? Improving Transparency in University Admissions Conference, Criterion, Victoria University, Melbourne, 7 June.

Harvey, A. (2017). Invited keynote, La Trobe University Principals’ dinner, La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga, 16 May.

Harvey, A. (2016). Invited panellist, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) 2016 National Research Forum, 28 November.

Harvey, A. (2016). Invited panellist, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) Conference, Melbourne, 9 November.

Harvey, A. (2016). Invited plenary, Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association (ANZSSA) and ISANA International Education Association Conference, Perth, 16 September.

Harvey, A. (2016). Invited panellist, Universities Australia: Equity and Access Policy workshop, ANU, Canberra, 19 August.

Harvey, A. (2016). Invited keynote, International Education Association of Australia Mobility Forum, 12 August, Melbourne Town Hall.

Harvey, A. 2016. Invited panellist, Rethinking University Admissions, Panel event organised by La Trobe University and The Australian newspaper, RACV club, Melbourne, 12 May.

Harvey, A. (2015). Australian university admissions and student equity, Invited keynote, Steinhardt Institute, New York University, USA, 12 November.

Harvey, A. (2015). From Departure to arrival: Re-engaging students who have withdrawn from university, Invited keynote, Strategies for Student Retention Conference, Victoria University Convention Centre, 29 September.

Harvey, A. (2015). Access to higher education for young people leaving care. Invited keynote. Access Monash Seminar 2015: Learning Families, Monash University, 4 September.

Harvey, A. (2015). Assessing the implications of the new admissions landscape for students, Invited keynote, Driving Change in Student Admissions Conference, Victoria University Convention Centre, 29 July.

Harvey, A. (2015). Enabling programs and widening participation. Invited keynote, International Approaches to Preparing Students for Higher Education Conference, Open University, UK, 25 June.

Harvey, A. (2015). Student equity in Australia. Invited keynote, Peabody College of Education Seminar, Vanderbilt University, USA, 24 April.

Harvey, A. (2014). Student equity in an Australian context. Invited Australian representative, Salzburg Global Seminar on Students at the Margins and the Institutions that Serve Them: A Global Perspective, Salzburg, Austria, 11-16 October.

Harvey, A. (2012). ‘Beyond access: NESB achievement and outcomes’, Invited keynote, Social Inclusion in Education Conference, 27 - 28 September, Melbourne.