Vaccination Outcomes for Interventions involving Communication and Engagement (VOICE)

There is growing international focus on developing interventions to increase vaccine acceptance and uptake. These interventions often involve communication and engagement with parents or communities. In order to compare interventions and understand which are effective in which populations, it is critical that consistent, high-quality instruments are used to measure relevant outcomes.

The aim of the VOICE project is to develop an online database where researchers, policymakers, and program evaluators can find appropriate instruments (eg surveys, scales, calculations) to measure the effects of vaccine communication and engagement strategies in any setting.

This project is presently funded by the Centre for Health Communication and Participation.

Proposal and progress

The online, publicly-accessible VOICE database will be developed in stages, beginning with a proof of concept in 2018. The proof of concept database will be an organised library of outcome measurement instruments or methods that have been used in – or are relevant for – the evaluation of vaccination communication or engagement interventions. Instruments will be categorised according to the outcome or outcomes they measure. Key features of each instrument or measurement method will be described and their quality appraised. Instruments will be linked to relevant publications describing development, testing or application of the tool. Theory-based guidance for outcome selection may also be included on the website.

The scope, functionality and features of the website may be expanded through additional development and user-testing in 2019.

Advisory Group

This project is led by Dr Jessica Kaufman. The international advisory group includes Centre staff Dr Sophie Hill, Dr Rebecca Ryan and Anne Parkhill, as well as the following researchers and experts in vaccination, health communication, psychology, decision science, measurement and evidence synthesis:

  • Professor Cornelia Betsch, University of Erfurt, Germany
  • Dr Daniel Costa, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Dr Margie Danchin, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute/University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Julie Leask, Associate Professor University of Sydney, Australia
  • Steve McDonald, Cochrane Australia, Australia
  • Lisa Menning, World Health Organization, Switzerland
  • Dr Gabriel Rada, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile
  • Prof Peter Tugwell, University of Ottawa, Canada


The VOICE project builds on Dr Kaufman’s PhD research and the COMMVAC 2 project, which identified, organised and prioritised the broad range of potential outcomes associated with vaccination communication. You can read more about this work in these publications:

  • Kaufman J, Ryan R, Ames H, Bosch-Capblanch X, Cartier Y, Cliff J, et al. The comprehensive 'Communicate to Vaccinate' taxonomy of communication interventions for childhood vaccination in routine and campaign contexts. BMC Public Health 2017a;17:423.
  • Kaufman J, Ryan R, Bosch-Capblanch X, Cartier Y, Cliff J, Glenton C, et al. Outcomes mapping study for childhood vaccination communication: Too few concepts were measured in too many ways. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 2016;72:33-44.
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  • Kaufman J, Ryan R, Lewin S, Bosch-Capblanch X, Glenton C, Cliff J, et al. Identification of preliminary core outcome domains for communication about childhood vaccination: An online Delphi survey. Vaccine 2017c;