Measurement Outcomes for Vaccination Evaluations (MOVE)

The MOVE project aims to support public health officials to measure vaccine-related attitudes, acceptance, knowledge, decision-making and other drivers of uptake. It will do this by collating and summarising available data collection and analysis tools and providing Open Access to this information for global practitioners.

The first stage of project activities involved a systematic search for published validation studies of relevant instruments, which are being screened and summarised. These are then added to the Open Access MOVE online repository (or platform).

The MOVE online repository will improve the quality and efficiency of evaluating new interventions and reduce the development of unvalidated, single-use measurement instruments. Based on the assessment and guidance provided for each instrument on the Online Repository, Vaccine program managers and public health officials will be able to select and apply relevant measures without extensive time or expertise. MOVE will also support healthcare practitioners to screen people to determine their potential vaccine hesitancy, knowledge, or values and tailor communication strategies accordingly.

Research team

  • Dr Jessica Kaufman
  • Sophie Hill, Associate Professor

Advisory Group

There is a nine-member international advisory team with experts in vaccination, communication, vaccine hesitancy, outcome measurement, and health databases.