Employ a tutor

The La Trobe University CareerHub is a online jobs board for La Trobe University students and alumni. Every year we receive hundreds of private tutoring positions from parents looking for a La Trobe student to tutor their children.

Important Notice: It is a requirement of the Victorian Government that any person providing coaching or tuition services of any kind for children must have a valid Working with Children Check. It is the responsibility of employers and employees to ensure they understand and adhere to their respective obligations in regard to the Working with Children Check.

Listing positions in our database

  1. Register as an individual on CareerHub
  2. Complete the details of the job opportunity
  3. An advertisement will be added to the CareerHub database, which has on average 16,000 views per month from students looking for work.
  4. Students will apply for positions by contacting you via your nominated contact details.
  5. Select the tutor you wish to employ.



How much should I pay for a tutor?

The following rates are recommendations only.

Year levelRate of pay
Primary through to Y10$22 - $25+ / hour
VCE or equivalent$25 - $30+ / hour
Tertiary$30+ / hour

Making changes or cancelling your tutoring advertisement

  1. Log into CareerHub using the username and password you created.
  2. Click on the advertisement
  3. Click on 'request changes' and enter in your request
  4. Our office will then make the changes requested.

Tips on choosing a tutor

Think carefully about what you want to actually achieve through tutoring. Considerations may include:

  • Do you want a tutor to help the student achieve high marks? Or maybe it is to help a student that is struggling with the subject matter?
  • What subjects will they cover?
  • When and how often will the sessions be held?
  • Where will the sessions be held?
  • Is the tutoring going to be on-going or only short term?

It is a good idea to create some questions based on the above considerations, as this will assist in selecting the best candidate. Remember, high academic achievement does not necessarily mean they will be a good tutor; other factors such as communication skills and reliability maybe just as important. It is reasonable to conduct a phone interview, ask for a resume, or ask for referees.

I've made my selection, now what?

Contact the successful tutor and offer the position and negotiate the particulars of the arrangement from the outset to avoid confusion later on. Considerations might include payment method, when the sessions will be held, cancelations and what your expectations are of the tutoring sessions.