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Our Online campus brings 50 years of knowledge straight to you, wherever you are in the world.

Our online courses are designed to be highly flexible. So you can choose how and when you study.

Learn in your own time and space and interact with your lecturers and research supervisors via our Learning Management System (LMS).

Our courses are backed by industry accreditations and offer opportunities to put what you learn into practice. In fact, our Business School is among a select few in the world to offer courses with prestigious accreditation from the European Foundation of Management Development. This is only awarded to high-quality business and management programs with an international perspective.

The learning outcomes for online students are the same as those achieved through face-to-face study, and the same highly-qualified staff teach both, so you will get the same experience regardless of whether you are on campus or online.

With all the course material available online, you simply need to develop a flexible learning style that works for you. Whether you’re working full time, juggling family or can’t make it to classes, our Online Campus is as flexible as you are.

With multiple enrollment intakes throughout the year, you can begin studying much earlier than you think.

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Tailored for online learning, and real-world experience

We believe in creating courses that combine the rigour of the academic world with the experience and know-how of industry. We recognise the need for developing strong professional connections, while developing the skills needed to find and explore new opportunities.

To provide the best learning experience, we design our courses specifically for learning online. Our team of developers and designers work with academic staff to provide an immersive learning experience that combines academic knowledge, expertise and real-world experience with innovative course design.

Studying online provides greater flexibility for you to engage:

  • when you want (daytime, evenings, weekends),
  • where you want (home, the office or on the move) and,
  • how you want (accelerated or part time).
Manny Cao

Manny Cao

Graduate, Master of Business Administration

“Being an online course, it allowed me to study at my own pace.”


All my life I’ve been studying medicine and science. Basically, when you study too much science and medicine you tend to be quite concrete in your thinking, whereas I thought by embarking on the MBA I can become a little bit more flexible and broad and have a more worldly experience.

Being an online course, it allowed me to study at my own pace. Also, I wasn’t the nine to five traditional uni student that you’d expect. I was able to study at ten o’clock at night or in-between my theatre cases which all helped because in the end those moments got me through.

My favourite place to study was in the operating room in-between theatre cases. It was the only time I had nothing to do. Since I’ve completed the MBA, I have the formal qualifications to show that I can manage people and lead people in my organisation.

I’ve since gone on to various other administrative roles on top my usual clinical roles as a surgeon. So, I now sit as supervisor for surgical training for the junior doctors at the hospital, and, I’ve taken on a board position as a director of one of the private hospitals in Bendigo.