Student and graduate profiles

Mr Aidan Pearce,

Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

"Studying sports management and working alongside athletes, I now see sport as the business it is."

Ms Tannya Devraj,

Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Finance

"My double degree provides an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons in two areas that interest me."

Ni Wayan Ari Widianingsih

Ni Wayan Ari Widianingsih,

Masters Of Business Administration

"Founder of Bali Style - Bali’s only home living and decor magazine."

Lauren Grover,

Bachelor of Business (Honours)

"My name is Lauren Grover and once I graduate my career plan is to work in human resource management for a large organisation and possibly work in a foreign country one day!"

Ustashia Pillay,

PhD in Accounting

"Studying Accounting at La Trobe University has been a really rewarding experience."

Mr Lam Phan, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Dean's Commendation Award

Bachelor of International Business

"From the moment I started at La Trobe, I was impressed by the professional style of teaching and working."

Ms Jemma Smalley-Roberts,

Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

"The staff have been so supportive and pushed me to get the most out of the course."

Mr Steven Hopgood,

Bachelor of Accounting

"La Trobe is unique - the lecturers are not only passing on their wealth of knowledge but are also mentors."

Mr Peter Halden,

Bachelor of Business (Management and Human Resourse Management)

"Campus location, career prospects and diversity of education are the reasons I choose La Trobe."

Ms Kirsty Duncan,

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management; Marketing and International Business)

"At La Trobe I’m given the opportunity to learn exactly what I’m so passionate about."

Ms Henriette Dalby,

Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Human Resource Management and Management)

"I chose La Trobe because I wanted to study leadership and management at a competitive university."

Mr Geordie Wiseman,

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management; Economics and International Business)

"At La Trobe you don’t only gain educational knowledge but personal skills that will help you throughout your life."

Mr Andrew Young,

Bachelor of Accounting

"The best thing about La Trobe in Bendigo has always been the teaching staff."

Ms Amber Kotzur,

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management and Marketing)

"La Trobe gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I could not have picked a better uni."

Ms Reanne Kurnof,

Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality)

"At La Trobe I have learnt an enormous amount and achieved things I didn’t think I could."

Ms Rebecca Jade Martin,

Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality)

"The best thing about La Trobe is the knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff."

Mr Bethel Kudakwashe Mpofu,

Bachelor of Business

"The one thing I love most about La Trobe is the environment of the whole campus."

Mr Andy Vo,

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)

"I love sport, and La Trobe offered sport and leisure management, which was a perfect fit for me."

Ms Alysha Farren,

Bachelor of Accounting

"At La Trobe Shepparton everyone was always so helpful and friendly, and made my time there so enjoyable."

Mr Alex Cross,

Bachelor of Accounting

"This course provides me with the ability to apply the theoretical learning in the business environment."

Ms Susannah Ritchie,

Doctor of Philosophy - Management

"Currently I am enrolled full-time, in a PhD in the School of Management."

Ms Phuc Nguyen,

Doctor of Philosophy - Logistics Management

"When commencing my PhD, my goal was to achieve specialization in Logistics Management"

Ms Madelene Rose McWha,

Master of Tourism

"Postgraduate studies have offered me a greater degree of individualism and autonomy to explore personalised areas of interest."

Dr. Joane Jonathan,

Doctor of Philosophy - Accounting

"Pursuing my Phd is a progression from my undergrad and honours years of studies at La Trobe."

Ms Alicia Manjón,

Master of Business Administration

"Studying my MBA at La Trobe has meant independence, opportunity and challenge."