Indonesian study tour

The Indonesian Business Study Tour is a joint program run in conjunction with La Trobe Business School and various partner universities across Indonesia. The program provides a unique opportunity for travel and study through exposure to a range of Indonesian small to medium business enterprises, local government initiatives, and NGOs. You will visits businesses, traditional markets, tourist destinations and recreational centres across Indonesia, and have the opportunity to meet with business operators who will provide invaluable insights into Indonesian business practices.

Note that there is a quota of maximums 40 students  for this subject. Enrolment may close at any time. You are strongly advised to apply early.

You wil learn about authentic Indonesian culture and return home with a rich knowledge about one of Australia’s closest neighbours.

See the Subject learning guide for more information [DOC 410KB].

Intended learning outcomes

Once you successful complete this subject, you should be able to:

  • integrate and apply theories and skills to practical situations
  • enhance cultural awareness and understanding of other cultures
  • demonstrate effective experiential learning skills, enhance self-awareness and cultural emotional intelligence
  • apply global reasoning, standards or codes of practices relavnt to international trade and make decisions informed by globalisation.

Learning activities

  • research, site visits and applying theory to practice
  • class lectures, discussions and readings that generate an understanding of cross-cultural principles and practices in a global economy
  • written reflections, discussions and industry site visits within an international context
  • cultural site visits, class lectures, industry site visits, lectures by industry specialists.

Enrolment requirements

You need to meet the following requirements to enrol in this course:


  • 120 credit points or MGT1FOM

Co-requisites and incompatibles

If you have completed the China Study Tour, you are not eligible to enrol in this subject.

Special requirement

You must complete the application form - Appendix 4 in this Subject learning guide [PDF 410KB] and submit it to the Instance Coordinator for assessment. You will be advised if your application is successful.


There is a cost of A$3,700 to attend this course. This cost is in addition to subject fees. A deposit of A$1,500 is due if your application is accepted. The balance of A$2,200 is due by 5pm Monday November 14. The cost includes all trip expenses, including travel insurance. You will need to allow for personal expenses. Eligible students may apply for an OS-HELP loan (repayable) of up to A$7,764 for this subject.

Contact us

For more information, contact Philip Trebilcock:

T: 0422 188 228