Career Opportunities

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La Trobe University has several services available to prepare yourself for your career after finishing your degree.


La Trobe Business School is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), a global accreditation network of top business and management schools. The La Trobe MBA is EFMD accredited .

highered The EFMD network has a Global Career Service called Highered, only offered to member schools. Highered provides a platform on which organisations can post employment, trainee and internship positions for students, graduates and alumni. Only those studying at or who have graduated from an EFMD member institution have access. This means that all students that are studying or have studied at La Trobe University have access to Highered.

Create an account

Once an account is made on you can login to your personal homepage to find internship, trainee and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world. La Trobe email addresses must be used to register. The global opportunities on the platform include internships, trainee positions, graduate positions and full-time placements from EFMD Corporate Members. The site is updated daily.

Online assessment

There is also the opportunity to complete a complimentary online assessment, focused on work-related behaviour, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and motivation. This is a useful tool as there is an increase in corporations using online assessment solutions in their hiring practices.

The online assessment can help to prepare for interviews and thereby gain a competitive advantage in the recruitment process. The resulting report is for personal use and is not shared with or accessible by companies or La Trobe Business School.

The tests are delivered by cut-e, the world leader in online assessment, and are only accessed via your personal account.

Career Ready

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The Career Ready team are available to provide advice on finding a job, choosing a career path, becoming an entrepreneur, or for ideas on developing your skills.

Services offered by the Career Ready team are: