MBA Confidential Referee's Report

In connection with the application for admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Note for applicants

Applicants for admission to candidature for the MBA at La Trobe University are asked to supply references from two persons familiar with their work. Both reports should be from a person who is familiar with the applicant’s professional work, or one report should be from a person who is familiar with the applicant’s professional work and the other person familiar with the academic background and quality of the applicant. Please ask each of your professional referees to complete the Referee Report below and submit.

Information for referees

The person named below is applying for admission to the Master of Business Administration course at La Trobe University. We would be grateful for your assessment of this application. We are looking for you to confirm and describe the applicant’s current and/or previous work experience and to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, we would also like you to confirm the extent of the applicant’s previous and/or current managerial experience. If you are providing an academic reference, and cannot evaluate the applicant’s work experience, please comment instead on their academic qualities, strengths and weaknesses. This report is one of our admission requirements and a decision cannot be made regarding the application until we have received your report. Our policy requires us to hold the contents of all referee reports in the strictest confidence. 

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