PhD symposium

The symposium will provide PhD students with opportunities to receive high quality feedback for their academic work. It will also enable students to interact and network with eminent researchers from universities across the globe. Four eminent researchers will run workshop/seminars for PhD students at the symposium.


Sponsor: School of Business and Law, Auckland University of Technology

There will be 5 best Research Proposal ($500 each) awards in the following streams.

  • a. Accounting Information/Accounting Disclosure Practices/Financial Reporting
  • b. Asset Pricing/Emerging Markets /Financial Markets/Market Microstructure
  • c. Banking/Behavioural Finance/Corporate Finance/Financial Economics
  • d. Corporate Governance/Social Responsibility
  • e. Funds Management/Risk Management/Quantitative Finance

PhD research proposal submission

Abstract of the PhD proposal in pdf format MUST be sent by email to on or before 15 December 2011. Students will be notified around 15 January 2012 of acceptance of their proposal.

PhD students who want to be considered for the BEST PROPOSAL AWARD should submit the final (complete) version of their proposal on or before 15 February 2012 by email to and register for the PhD symposium (link for registration will be provided later).

The deadline for submission of the final (complete) version of their proposal and registration for those students not aiming for the award is 15 March 2012. 


Submission of Abstract (Maximum 300 words)         15 December 2011
Acceptance of PhD proposal will be notified around           15 January 2012
Submission of Research Proposal (for consideration of award) 15 February 2012 
(Maximum 5000 words)


Mid-term PhD Students who are post confirmation i.e. have completed their first year in a relevant PhD program.  Ideally, students will have a polished draft of their first/core empirical chapter and a clear plan for their yet to be completed dissertation.  Limited places are available for those who have not yet completed one year in their program, but are well advanced in developing their research ideas.

Selection process for an award

Members of the PhD symposium committee will assess all research proposals on the basis of their rigour, relevance and potential contribution to the literature.

PhD Symposium Committee

  • Professor Kamran Ahmed (La Trobe University)
  • Associate Professor Balasingham Balachandran (La Trobe University )
  • Associate Professor Michael Dempsey (Monash University)
  • Dr Huu Duong (Deakin University)
  • Professor Robert Durand (Curtin University)
  • Professor Robert Faff (University of Queensland)
  • Professor Andrew Ferguson (University of Technology, Sydney)  
  • Dr. Aaron Gilbert (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Dr Philip Gharghori (Monash University)
  • Associate Professor Darren Henry (La Trobe University)
  • Professor Janice How (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Professor Jae Kim (La Trobe University) 
  • Professor Chandra Krishnamurti (University of Southern Queensland)
  • Professor Paul Mather (La Trobe University)
  • Dr Lily Nguyen (La Trobe University)
  • Dr Shams Pathan (University of Queensland)
  • Associate Professor Peter Pham (University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Cameron Truong (Monash University)
  • Professor Alireza Tourani-Rad (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Professor Tony van Zijl (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Professor Madhu Veeraraghavan (Monash University)
  • Associate Professor Peter Verhoeven (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Associate Professor Sue Wright (Macquarie University) 
  • Dr Jing Zhao (La Trobe University)

PhD Symposium Committee Chair: Associate Professor Peter Verhoeven 

Please contact Associate Professor Peter Verhoeven (Chair - PhD Symposium) if you are able to attend the PhD symposium and willing to serve on the PhD symposium Committee. Peter's email address:

Further information
Dr Balasingham Balachandran
Associate Professor and Conference Chair
T: (+61 3) 9479 3100
F: (+61 3) 9479 3144