Mildura Master Class - Larry O’Connor 

Larry O'ConnorLa Trobe Business School Accounting Lecturer Larry O’Connor will discuss his latest research, an analysis of the Mildura Base Hospital in comparison to the other thirty seven public hospitals in Victoria, at a public forum. 

Larry’s research is provided to the community as a companion report to his earlier research report ‘Healthy Outcomes’. The earlier report looked at the community debate surrounding the Mildura Base Hospital. 

This latest report has been put together using official Department of Health data, drawn from the mandatory reports made by all public hospitals to the Department. 

Master Class Topic

  • Why is it that certain services are not provided at the Mildura Base Hospital?
  • Why don’t we have the same level of services as other regional locations?
  • Does the geographic isolation of Mildura warrant special consideration in relation to the range of hospital services provided?
  • The Mildura Base Hospital has a self-sufficiency rating of 81%. What does this mean?

Mildura Master Class - Mr Graeme Rule

Graeme Rule

Graeme has a long history of involvement in team environments, many of which he has taken on leadership roles. He trained as an Airframe Fitter (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) and has worked in Royal Australian Air Force in operational and training squadrons in Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

He serviced with the United Nations as a Peace Keeper in Egypt and was posted in Malaysia with the Royal Australian Air Force. He has also had deployments to the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Graeme is an ideal person to speak about volunteering, as his experiences with volunteers includes his work with the Ulysses Club, where for their AGM events, he has helped manage 300+ volunteers.

Master Class Topic

Topics covered during his lecture include:

  • Origins of volunteering
  • Military Volunteers
  • Volunteering and community service as a national characteristic 
  • Olympic Games Volunteers
  • Ulysses Club Inc. Volunteers
  • Volunteers management
  • Volunteers motivation
  • Volunteering rewards