CR3+ Conference: CSR and Expanding Horizons

Conference Proceedings and Keynote Speakers       

Wednesday 26 March

4.00pm-  6.30pm

UN PRME Meeting in the Boardroom


Welcome Cocktail Party: La Trobe City Campus, Collins St Melbourne

Welcome in the Boardroom: Professor Leigh Drake, Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Thursday 27 March

9.00am- 10.00am

Welcome in the Boardroom: Professor Paul Mather, Head, La Trobe Business School

Country Acknowledgement: Professor Mark Rose

Keynote Speaker in the Boardroom: Professor Suzanne Benn

10.00am- 10.30am

Morning Tea

10.30am- 12.00pm

Concurrent Sessions 1 (Teaching Room Two)

Stream Five

Chair: Kate Grosser
(Gender Equality and CSR)

Concurrent Sessions 1
(Teaching Room One)

Stream Eight

Chair: Geoffrey Durden

Concurrent Sessions 1

Stream Three

Chair: Nikodemus Solitander
(CSR by non corporate actors)


CSR undermined: Mining, gender and the business case

Julia Keenan and Deanna Kemp

A Gambling Climate: Insights into Australian Organisational Adaptation and Mitigation Responses to Climate Change

Swati Nagpal

Introduction to Session by Martin Fougere

Fear and Licensing in Australia: Coal seam gas, a social licence to operate and the Twitterati

Sara Bice, Fiona Haines & Helen Sullivan


Practitioner paper: The challenge of integrating gender considerations into Communities work within the mining sector

Jane Gronow

Exploring customer buying priorities and CSR in Thai society: Do customers prioritize different CSR activities when purchasing products?

Nalinee Mohprasit

The Australian Mining for Development Initiative: CSR or Propaganda?

Annie Delaney and Sarah Karo


The business responsibility to respect human rights: Gender based violence and mining

Isabel Cane and Christina Hill

Talking about CSR: A Multidisciplinary Graphic Framework

Benedict Sheehy

Re-storying Dairying. ‘The elephant in the paddock’: impressions on the lands, waters and peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand

Kahurangi Dey & Maria Humphries

12.00pm- 1.00pm


1.00pm- 2.30pm

Keynote Speakers in the Boardroom: Dr Deanna Kemp and Janette O’Neill

2.30pm- 3.00pm

Afternoon Tea

3.00pm - 4.30pm

Concurrent Sessions 2
(Teaching Room Three)

Stream Two

Chair: Swati Nagpal
(Financialisation and CSR)

Concurrent Sessions 2
(Teaching Room Two)

Stream Five

Chair: Julia Keenan
(Gender Equality and CSR)  

Concurrent Sessions 2
(Teaching Room One)

Stream Eight

Chair: Debbie Haski-leventhal

Concurrent Sessions 2 (Boardroom)

Stream Three

Chair: Martin Fougère
(CSR by non-corporate actors)


Conflicts within Capital and the Motivations of Climate-Interested Investors

David Peetz and Georgina Murray

Corporate CSR led responses to child labour: can CSR initiatives address women homeworkers rights

Annie Delaney, Rosaria Burchielli and Jane Tate

The Complexity of CSR Research: Culture and the existence of Subculture

Bree Barker, Louise Ingersoll & Gregory Teal

A Case Study on Stakeholders and Corporate Dynamics in Purview of CSR

Ruchi Tyagi


ESG RISK in UK and Australia

Suzanne Young and Geoffrey Durden

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Process of Governance: Feminist Perspectives and Women’s NGO’s?

Kate Grosser

Developing Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: A Model Of Stages And Stakeholder Involvement

Jessica Williams and Peter Mclean

Process Evaluation of Social Projects of NGO’s from the Perspectives of Beneficiaries and Partner Companies: Two Case Studies

Simone Guimaraes, Paulo Miranda and Joseal Camargo


Determinant factors in the disclosure of CRS practices in Islamic Firms

Mohammad Talalweh

Resolving Gender Equality and Diversity Issues: A Partnership Between CSR and HRM

Harshakumari Sarvaiya and Gabriel Eweje

*Paper reallocated due to clash*

Global Justice Networks and the Moral Geographies of CSR: The case of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in the readymade garment sector in Bangladesh

Nikodemus Solitander

4.30pm- 5.00pm


5.00pm- 6.30pm

Concurrent Sessions 3 (Teaching Room Two)

Stream Two

Chair: David Peetz
(Financialisation and CSR)

Concurrent Sessions 3

Stream Eight

Chair: Bree Barker

Concurrent Sessions 3 (Teaching Room One)

Stream Six

Chair: Ken McPhail
(Business and Human Rights)


Responsible Investment, ESG and Institutional Investors in Australia

Suzanne Young

Selective CSR? Interpreting Social Licence And Impact Assessment

Richard Parsons and Kieren Moffat

Human Rights & The United Nations Guiding Principles: A Cosmopolitan Analysis

Tengku Farrah Maimunah T. Mohd Yusof


Independent Directors and Firm Performance: Strategically Related and Strategically Heterogeneous Board Ties

Jayasinghe Hewa Dulige,  Muhammad Jahangir Ali, Paul Mather and Suzanne Young

Institutional Capacity on Corporate Social Responsibility: Case of Oil and Gas Companies in Indonesia

Bahruddin Bahruddin

Human Rights Within CSR: Influence Of Employee Contracts On The Employee Perception Towards CSR Practices And Organisational Commitment

Keshara De Silva


Institutional Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Evidence from Bangladesh

Alfzalur Rashid

Corporate volunteering: Engaging employees in CSR and increasing the sense of meaningfulness

Debbie Haski-Leventhal

Meeting their responsibility to respect human rights and creating shared value: Recent experiences from companies in the extractive sector

Alex Newton


Conference Dinner: Novotel Melbourne on Collins                                                            

Friday 28th of March

9.00am- 10.00am

Welcome and Keynote Speaker in the Boardroom: Professor Mark Rose

10.00am- 10.30am

Morning tea

10.30am- 12.30pm

Concurrent Sessions 1

Stream Seven

Chair: Ken McPhail
(Business, Faith and Spirituality)

Concurrent Sessions 1
(Teaching Room One)

Stream Four

Chair: Clare D’Souza (Education)

Concurrent Sessions 1
(Teaching Room Two)

Stream One

Chair: Maria Humphries
(Relational Ethics in Partnering with Indigenous People)


Wisdom for responsible leadership from religion?

Tarja Ketola

An Exploratory Study Of The Experiences Of Business Graduates In The Work Place

Anita Goddard and Peter McLean

The Methodological Considerations Researching Accounting Within an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Context

Luisa Lombardi and Mark Rose


Missional Business: More Than Corporate Social Responsibility

Rod St Hill, D’Wayne Wigley and Wendy Collins

Structural and perceptual constraints on the implementation of PRME in the business curricula: A discussion paper

Lynne Leveson and Suzanne Young

Creating Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility: A New Approach

Helene George


The Global Financial Crisis: A Christian Perspective  

Ken Barnes

Incorporating Sustainability Thinking, Global Citizenship and Innovation and Entrepreneurship In Learning Through the La Trobe Essentials

Matthew Riddle, Kurt Ambrose, Silvia McCormack and Colin Hocking

Beyond Attraction and Retention: Indigenous Career Advancement in the Public Sector

Geraldine Kennett and Erin Birch


Leadership Research and Spirituality

Vasanthi Peter and Raja Peter

*Paper withdrawn*

Holding Fast To An Ethical Gaze: Sustaining Justice For Earth And All Her Children

Maria Humphries, Amy Kelmm Verbos

12.30pm- 1.30pm


1.30pm- 2.30pm

Education Panel in the Boardroom: Dr Martin Fougere, Maria Humphries and Merrill Csuni

2.30pm- 3.00pm

Afternoon Tea

3.00pm- 4.30pm

Concurrent Sessions 2

Stream Seven

Chair: Ken Barnes
(Business, Faith and Spirituality)

Concurrent Sessions 2
(Teaching Room Two)

Stream Four

Chair: Lynne Leveson

Concurrent    Sessions 2
(Teaching Room One)

Stream Eight

Chair: Leeora Black


Expanding Horizons of Possibility Through Invigorating Spiritual Engagement In Human Organisation

Nazarina Jamil, Maria Humphries and Lee-Ann Jordan

Employer expectations for graduate skills and training in sustainability

Clare D’Souza

Employee Engagement, Organizational Sustainability, and Resilience

Brooke Moran


Biblical faith, leadership and lessons learnt for today’s CSR  

Vasanthi Peter

Perspectivaction: A New Model of Responsible Management Education

Norman de Paula Arruda Filho

Link Between CSR Practices & Organisational Commitment: Do Employee Contracts Influence Employee Perception Towards CSR Practices?

Keshara De Silva


Accountability as an Expression of Faith and as an Instrument of Accounting: A study of the link between Christian Accountability and Accounting Accountability in an organizational context

Ustashia Pilay

CSR: A Process of Enabling Values in Young Minds

Ancy  Mathew

Social Alliances – Revisiting Value Creation

Nitha Palakshappa and Gabriel Eweje


UN PRME Speaker in the Boardroom


Close in the Boardroom: Professor John Dewar Vice-Chancellor


Keynote speakers

Professor Suzanne Benn

Suzanne Benn Professor Suzanne Benn is Professor of Sustainable Enterprise in UTS Business School, University of Technology, Sydney. Suzanne has a background in the sciences and the social sciences. Her current research interests range across corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility, business education for sustainability and leadership and organisational change for sustainability. Her interdisciplinary academic publications include four books and numerous refereed journal articles, book chapters and refereed conference papers. As well as conducted research funded through various Australian Research Council (ARC) projects, she has worked with numerous business and government organisations in order to progress understanding of change and leadership for sustainability. 


Dr Deanna Kemp

Deanna KempDeputy Director (Industry Engagement and Community Relations) Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM)
University of Queensland

As Deputy Director at CSRM, Dr Deanna Kemp leads an international program of work and research focused on community relations and development practice in mining. She has an interest in drivers that lead to improved social performance and industry responses to conflict and development challenges. Deanna currently leads ComRel, CSRM’s Community Relations Research Unit.

Prior to completing her PhD and joining CSRM seven years ago, Deanna held senior positions in the mining industry. She worked in corporate and operational roles at BHP Billiton and as an independent social assessor for a number of global resources companies. Deanna has collaborated with non-government organisations, including Oxfam Australia, on industry-related campaigns and capacity building programs. 

Janette O’Neill 

Janette O’NeillJanette O'Neill is a leader in corporate responsibility /  sustainability. She is currently the Head of Corporate Responsibility Strategy  for National Australia Bank where her team manages strategy development,  business integration, stakeholder engagement, performance management,  communications and reporting.
Prior to joining NAB, Janette worked  as a sustainability consultant with PwC in the UK where she assisted a variety  of corporate and government clients. She also worked with the UK executive team  to review PwC's own CR performance, develop their first CR Report and develop an  internal CR strategy to support their business service priorities.
Janette is currently on the boards of  the PwC Foundation and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Before moving  into the sustainability field, Janette was a strategy consultant for Accenture  in both Australia and Ireland. She completed an honours degree in Economics at  Monash University, Melbourne.

Professor Mark Rose PhD M.Ed.Admin. B.A. DipT

 Mark RoseMark Rose is traditionally linked to the Gunditjmara Nation of western Victoria, Australia. With a thirty-year career in education Mark has contributed to a broad range of educational settings within the State, nationally and internationally. 

Mark has consulted regularly with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations both nationally and internationally. For over a decade Mark taught in predominantly postgraduate programs at RMIT University’s Faculty of Business. Mark has taught in Australia as well as Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. 

At a state and national level and with community endorsement Mark has sat on five ministerial advisory committees. In 2003 – 2005 Mark co-chaired the Victorian Implementation Review of Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. In 2008 Mark moved to VAEAI as General Manager during the WIPC-E Conference and assumed the position of Chair of Indigenous Knowledge Systems at Deakin University in 2008 and progressed the proposition of Indigenous Knowledge as a knowledge system. In 2013 Mark commenced as Executive Director-Indigenous Strategy at La Trobe University.