Professor Suzanne

Professor Suzanne Young

Head of Department of Management, Sport and Tourism, Professor of Governance and CSR

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Management and Marketing

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Centre for Sport and Social Impact


B Com (Melb); Grad Dip Mgt (Deakin); MBA (Deakin); PhD (Deakin)



Membership of professional associations

Editorial Board of Corporate Governance

Area of study


Brief profile

I am the Head of Department of Management, Sport and Tourism in the La Trobe Business School, incorporating the disciplines of Management, Human Resource Management, Sport Management, and Tourism, Hospitality and Events. My previous roles have been as Director of Executive Education and Director of Global Citizenship.

My areas of expertise include corporate governance, corporate responsibility, leadership and management and  employee relations. I was influential in La Trobe becoming a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education and have developed relationships with industry and leading research consultancies in the area of Corporate Responsibility and Global Citizenship, Leadership and Organisational Change.

I’ve taught extensively in international programs including Denmark, England, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore and Malaysia and I’ve been a visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), University of York (UK), Hanken School of Economics (Finland) and Catholic University (Italy).   

 My interests are in the public sector, outsourcing, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and employee relations and my current research projects include corporate governance and sustainability, responsible management education, outsourcing and public sector management.  

My research has been presented at national conferences in Australia, UK, Europe and America. I’ve published in Australian and international journals. 

Research interests

Accountability and performance management in the public and not-for-profit sectors

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Behavioural research in financial accounting and corporate governance

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Business ethics/ Corporate Social Responsibility

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Social, environmental and sustainable management and reporting, environmental performance, business ethics, corporate accountability and human rights

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Teaching units

  • Corporate Governance



Organisational Change, Management, Governance

Recent publications


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Guest Editor Special Edition

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Research projects

International Corporate Governance

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Risk and Cultural Change

Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteering

Responsible Management Education

Sport Governance and Leadership