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Professor Xiangkang

Professor Xiangkang Yin

Professor of Finance

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Economics and Finance

MARB 301A, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BSc Fudan, MEng Shanghai Jiaotong, PhD Shanghai Jiaotong



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Brief profile

Xiangkang received his PhD from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) in 1989. In the following three years, he held a position as a lecturer and later as an associate professor at SJTU. He then moved to Université Louis Pasteur (Université de Strasbourg) in 1992 and to Monash University in 1994. He joined La Trobe University in 1995 and was appointed to the Professor of Economics and Finance in 2006. During 2012-2014, he served as the head of Department of Finance. Xiangkang’s recent research covers a wide range of financial issues in asset pricing and investment, corporate finance and governance, and financial markets microstructure and information. He publishes extensively in top-tier and leading academic journals, including Journal of Finance, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and Journal of Development Economics. Xiangkang is the chief investigator of three ARC (Australian Research Council) funded research projects. 

Research interests

Asset pricing and investment

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Corporate finance and governance

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Financial and economic theory

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Financial markets microstructure and information

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Teaching units

Portfolio Management (FIN5PMT)

Market Risk Managment (FIN5MRM)

Recent publications

Selected journal articles

M. Dang, D. Henry and X. Yin, T.A. Vo, forthcoming, “Target Corporate Governance, Acquirers' Location Choices, and Partial Acquisitions”, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal.

L. Xu and X. Yin, 2017, “Does ETF Trading Affect the Efficiency of the Underlying Index?”, International Review of Financial Analysis, vol. 51, 82–101.

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H. Chou, B. Li, X. Yin and J. Zhao, 2017, “Variables in Dollar Terms versus in Rate Terms: The Case of Market Feedback on Merger Negotiations”, International Review of Financial Analysis, vol. 49, 138–145.

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Research projects

A New Approach to Information-Based Securities Trading (with Jing Zhao), Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (DP140100113), $174,553, 2014-2016.

A Synthesis of Agency and Managerial Power Theories and Its Applications to Corporate Governance, Management Compensation, and Firm Performance (with Chongwoo Choe), Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (DP0663716), $94,724, 2006-2007.

Metal Injection Moulding of Aluminium (with Graham Schaffer, Timothy Sercombe and David Prentice), Australian Research Council Linkage Projects (LP0455125), $328,000; Industry Partners, $120,000, 2004-2007.