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Dr Pam

Dr Pam Kappelides


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Department of Management, Sport and Tourism

Donald Whitehead Building- Room 421, Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Centre for Sport and Social Impact


PhD (Griffith University), Master of Public Health VU, BA VU, Grad Diploma Disability and Ageing VU,



Membership of professional associations

Higher Education Teaching and Learning, La Trobe University Sport Management Alumni, North American Soceity for Sport Management, Parks and Recreation Professional, VicSport, Camping and Recreation Network, Australian Camping Association, Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)

Area of study


Brief profile

Pam Kappelides is currently a lecturer within the La Trobe University Centre for Sport and Social Impact, specialising in the area of sport management, sport practicum, volunteer, disability, CALD, older adults and community development.

Outside of her academic career, Pam has worked in numerous roles in the area of recreation and sport mangament, event management and working with minority groups.   Specialties: recreation and sport community development, volunteer managment, social inclusion, disability, CALD and older adults

Teaching units

  • MGT3SVM-Volunteer Management
  • MGT3SPR- Sport Practicum
  • MGT31ISM- Sport Management
  • MGT2SDV - Sport Development

Recent publications


Kappelides, P. (2017). Camp based volunteers: psychological contracts and intentions to volunteer, World Leisure Journal, DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2017.1393882

Belski, R., Staley, K., Keenan, S., Skiadopoulos, A., Randle, E., Donaldson, A., O’Halloran, P., Kappelides, P., O’Neil, S., & Nicholson, N. (2017) The impact of coaches providing healthy snacks at junior sport training. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. DOI: 10.1111/1753-6405.12724

Aisbett, L., Kappelides, P., & Randle, E. (2015). Future volunteer intentions at a major sport event, Annals of Leisure Research, 18(4), 491-509.

Hoye, R. & Kappelides, P. (2004). Managing organisational culture within voluntary leisure service organisations. Australian Journal on Volunteering, 9(1), 13-19.

Book Chapter:

Kappelides, P. & Hoye, R. (2014). Volunteering and Sport. In M. Oppenheimer & J. Warburton (Eds), Volunteering in Australia. Sydney: The Federation Press, pp. 168-179.

Industry Publications:

Nicholson, Randle, Seal & Kappelides (May, 2016). Active Club Grants Evaluation report, VicHealth.

Nicholson, Randle, Kappelides & Seal (March, 2016). Developing a modified, social format of hockey report, Hockey Victoria.

Nicholson, M., Hoye, R., Randle, E., O’Halloran, P., Belski, R. Alahakoon, D. & Kappelides, P. (February, 2016). Evaluation of VicHealth Sport Programs (Female Sport Programs and State Sport Programs), VicHealth   Hoye, R., Nicholson, M., Randle, E. & Kappelides, P. (September, 2014). Literature Review and Research Summary on Female Participation in Sport and Physical Activity, VicHealth

Hoye, R, Randle, E., Kappelides, P. & Nicholson, M. (December, 2014). Tennis Victoria: ACE Program Evaluation, Tennis Victoria

Kappelides, P. (2014). Be prepared! A resource guide for volunteers working with people with a disability in the active recreation and sport sector. Sport and Recreation Victoria. Website also:

Kappelides, P., (2003). Inclusive Recreation Practices, Camping Victoria Magazine.

Kappelides, P., (2002). Leisure Patterns and Leisure Constraints of Siblings with a Brother or Sister with a Developmental Disability, Noticeboard, Association of Children with a Disability.



Research projects


Barriers and facilitators of sport participation for people with intellectual disabilities of CALD backgrounds for the amount of $18,348

An exploration of the motives, expectations and satisfaction of volunteers at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Griffith University of $15,000

Managing volunteers with a disability: human resource management implications, La Trobe University $10,000

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation 2015-2018 Evaluation of VicHealth Sport Programs 2015 to 2018 of $800,000


Australian Sport Commission 2016 to assess the efficacy of its Sporting Schools program of $190,000

VicHealth’s Active Club Grants Review for $60,000

Hockey Victoria: Developing a modified, social format of hockey of $18,600

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation 2014 Literature Review and Research Summary on Female Participation in Sport and Physical Activity of $20,000

Tennis Victoria: ACE Program Evaluation of $20,000

Sport and Recreation Victoria, Be Prepared! Resource Guide and website for volunteers and staff working with people with a disability 2013-2014 for $55,000

The relationship between volunteer motivations, commitment, behaviour and retention: An international comparative study of YMCA volunteers 2010, La Trobe University Internal Grant, $4,000

Master Games Volunteer Satisfaction 2012, La Trobe University Internal Grant,   $5,000

La Trobe University: Delivering smoother pathways from TAFE to higher education: an investigation of barriers and drivers for sport management students