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Dr Kok-Leong

Dr Kok-Leong Ong

Associate Professor, Program Director (Business Analytics)

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Accounting and Data Analytics

HU3, Room 130, Melbourne (Bundoora)


Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



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Brief profile

In recent years, his research has evolved, spanning across disciplines, and extended to the application of data analytics and methodologies to solve problems in various domains. These include working with health researchers in deploying data capture and analytics capabilities within their research studies, using analytics for bridge deterioration modelling and also using analytics to improve the community well being. His work on using analytics to improve the community well being was recently featured by the European Commission in Science for Environmental Policy and one of its papers has since received an Altmetric score of 9 putting it in the 86th percentile of articles of the same age. Besides chairing a number of workshops and conferences, Kok-Leong has served in over 50 program committees and reviewed over 20 journal articles since 2004. He is currently a Steering Committee member of the Australasian Data Mining Conference and a special section editor for Business Analytics in the Australasian Journal of Information Systems (ABDC A). Kok-Leong has over 361 citations to his papers to date and has an h-index and i10-index of 10 and 12 respectively. 

Research specialisation

- Data mining; pattern recognition

Teaching units

Visual Analytics (BUS5VA); Analytics in Practice (BUS5AP); Analytics Projects 1 and 2 (BUS5PR1/BUS5PR2)

Recent publications


Moayedikia, A., Ong, K. -L., Boo, Y. L., Yeoh, W. G. S., & Jensen, R. (2017). Feature selection for high dimensional imbalanced class data using harmony search. ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, 57, 38-49. doi:10.1016/j.engappai.2016.10.008

Ong, K. -L. (2017). Can an incentive-based intervention increase physical activity and reduce sitting among adults? the ACHIEVE (Active Choices IncEntiVE) feasibility study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 14(35). doi:10.1186/s12966-017-0490-2


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