Professor Joanna

Professor Joanna Poyago-Theotoky

Professor of Economics

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Economics and Finance

Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD (Bristol), MSc (Bristol), BSc (Athens)



Membership of professional associations

Royal Economic Society, Econometric Society, American Economic Association, EARIE, APET, GTS, EAERE

Area of study


Brief profile

 A multilingual native of Corfu, Greece, Joanna is a graduate of the University of Bristol where she earned her PhD in 1994. She has previously held positions at the University of St Andrews, University of Nottingham, University of Bristol and Loughborough University before joining La Trobe University in February 2011.  Her research interests lie in the areas of industrial organization (especially innovation, R&D cooperation and research joint ventures, technology and environmental policies), applied microeconomic theory, the economics of science and knowledge transfer and the economics of higher education. Joanna has received funding for her research from the British Academy, the ESRC, JISC, CNRS and the Spanish Government.  She has published a range of papers including articles in the following Journals: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Review of International Economics, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, the Southern Economic Journal and the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics.  Non academic interests include: Pugs, skiing, sailing, photography, wildlife and building model aeroplanes.

Research interests

Environmental and resource economics

- 'Green' Innovation; Environmental Policy and R&D

Organisational change and innovation

- Economics of Innovation and technological change; R&D cooperation

Public economics and social policy

- Industrial Organisation of Higher Education

Teaching units

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (ECO2IQA)

International Trade (ECO3ITR)

Recent publications

A regularly updated list of my publications is available on my personal website and also on my  Repec page at

Selected Publications

"Cournot competition and “green” innovation: An inverted-U relationship", Energy Economics, 2017, 68: 116-123; with L. Lamberini and A. Tampieri,

"Green Technology, Research Joint Ventures and Emissions Taxation",  Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2017,19(2): 362-376; with S. McDonald.

“University competition and transnational education: the choice of branch campus”, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2016, 16(2): 739-766; with A. Tampieri.

“Horizontal Agreements between Firms and R&D Complementarities: RJV vs Merger”, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2016, 23(1): 87-107; with B. Ferrett.  DOI:10.1080/13571516.2015.1049848

"Regulatory Protection when Firms decide first on Technical Collaboration", Review of International Economics, 2013, 21(4): 750-764; with T. Huw Edwards. DOI: 10.1111/roie.10068

"Coordination Costs: A Drawback for Research Joint Ventures?", Economic Modelling, 2013, 33: 965-976; with R. Falvey and K. Teerasuwannajak.  DOI: 10.1016/j.econmod.2013.03.005

"R&D Productivity and IPR Regimes”, The Manchester School, 2013, 81(3): 276-292; with K. Teerasuwannajak. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9957.2011.02282.x

“University Funding Systems and their Impact on Research and Teaching: A General Framework”, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 2012, 6(2); with J. Beath and D. Ulph.

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“Flexible versus Dedicated Technology Adoption in the Presence of a Public Firm”, Southern Economic Journal, 2008, 74(4): 997-1016; with M.J. Gil-Moltó.

“The Organization of R&D and Environmental Policy”; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2007, 62(1): 63-75.

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“The Management of Technological Innovation: Lessons from Case Studies in the UK Food Industry”, International Journal of Biotechnology, 2003, 5(3/4): 334-353; with C.W. Morgan and A. Blake.

“Optimal Incentives for Income-Generation within Universities: The Rule of Thumb for the Compton Tax”, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2003, 21(9): 1301-1322; with J. Beath, R. Owen and D. Ulph.

“Optimal Environmental Taxation, R&D Subsidisation and the Role of Market Conduct”; Finnish Economic Papers, 2003, 16(1): 15-26.

“Universities and Fundamental Research: Reflections on the Growth of University-Industry Partnerships”, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2002, 18(1): 10-21; with J. Beath and D. Siegel.

“The timing of Environmental Policy: a Note on the Role of Product Differentiation”, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2002, 21 (3): 305-316; with K. Teerasuwannajak.

“R&D Subsidies versus R&D Cooperation in a Duopoly with Spillovers and Pollution”, Australian Economic Papers, 2002, 41 (1): 37-52; with E. Petrakis.

“Mixed Oligopoly, Subsidization and the Order of Firms’ Moves: an Irrelevance Result”, Economics Bulletin, 2001, 12 (3): 1-5.



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