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Dr Alex

Dr Alex Maritz

Professor and Chair in Entrepreneurship, Education Director: ARC in Biodevices, Vice-President: International Association of Organisational Innovation

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

La Trobe Business School

Department of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Marketing

Level 3 LBS, Melbourne (Bundoora)


DCom (UP), MBA (Thames), BCom (UNISA), MIMktM (IMM), CHed (Unitec)



Membership of professional associations

International Association of Organizational Innovation: Vice President, USASBE, SEAANZ, GCEC, ANZMAC, ANZAM

Area of study


Brief profile

After more than a decade in Executive Directorships for multi-nationals as a corporate entrepreneur, Alex entered academia full-time. Roles included Chief Operating Officer of Sony Playstation and Managing Director of Blockbusters Entertainment; National Sales Manager at Boots Pharmaceuticals and Glaxo SmithKline. 

With an international reputation in entrepreneurship education (learning & teaching, research and practice), Alex is the recipient of Stanford Technology Ventures, Global Innovation Management and German DAAD Scholarships ; and internationally awarded finalist in the Entrepreneurship Education Award from the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). Being a recipient of an Australian Learning and Teaching Citation for excellence in entrepreneurship education, Alex also received Faculty excellence awards in learning & teaching and research. He is the recipient of numerous best paper and esteemed paper awards from leading academic conferences and journals, and sits on the editorial board for leading journals in the discipline. In 2014, he was awarded the Vice-Chancellor Engagement Award.

Having procured in excess of $ 3.8 million in external research grants and consultancies (including Chief Investigator of an ARC Grant in Biodevices), Alex has published over 200 scholarly reviewed articles in entrepreneurship and innovation, with 26 successful higher degree research completions (including 12 PhDs). Alex is the Vice-President of the International Association of Organizational Innovation (USA), and current and previous Visiting Professor appointments include Saarland University (Germany), Chan Jung University (Taiwan), HuaQiao University (China) and RMIT (Vietnam). Current interests include the development of cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship education (including online and blended technology innovations), Australian leadership of research and engagement on Senior Entrepreneurship, PhD supervision, startup consulting and international engagement with leading and prominent entrepreneurship ecosytems, accelerators, networks and collaborations.

Teaching units

MGT5LEV: Leveraging Entrepreneurial Ventures (Lean StartUp, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking)

MGT5EBP: Entrepreneurial Business Planning (Entrepreneurial Mindset, Entrepreneurship Process, Opportunity Evaluation, Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship)

IBU5COV: Corporate Venturing (Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship Intensity)


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups, Incubators and Accelerators, Minority Entrepreneurship

Recent publications

Maritz, P.A. (2017). Illuminating the black box of entrepreneurship education programs: Part 2. Education + Training, Vol. 59(5), pp. 471-482.

Maritz, P.A. , Eager, B. (2017). Senior Entrepreneurship Themes: An Australian Perspective. The International Journal of Organizational Innovation. Vol. 9(4).

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Older publications

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Research projects

(2016-2017). Working Seniors and Organisations: Adaptive Ageing and Enterprising Capabilities. RFA: Transforming Human Societies, ASSC ($ 19,946k). With Sullivan Mort, G; Marjoribanks, T; Zion, L; Winterton, R; D’Souza, C; Nanere, M. 

(2016-2017). Harnessing the Experienced Economy (SeniorPreneurs). The Fifth Institute ($ 200k). With: Homa, M and Price, B. Grant from LaunchVic.

(2014-2017). Industry Transformation Training Centre in Biodevices and Diagnostics; An Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant of $ 1.8M over 3 years (excludes industry partner contributions and in-kind of $1.8 million). With: Stoddart, P.R; McArthur, S.L; Gilding, M.D; Sterling, L.S; Kingshott, P; Notley, S; Manasseh, R., et al. Personal participation as CI: 0.3 FTE.

(2015). Youth Entrepreneurship, UAE Youth Empowerment Strategy and Action Plan (YES)($ 48k). With Rixon, A., Fisher, R.

(2015). Evaluation of a multifaceted participation points system integrated with Learning Management Systems. Learning Futures Scholarship Program ($9.8k). With Fisher, R., Rushworh, S.

(2015). Senior Entrepreneurship in Australia: Active Ageing and Extending Working Lives. National Competitive Grant awarded by National Seniors Australia, Productive Ageing Centre ($ 48k). With: Zolin, R; Kautonen, T; de Waal, A; Fisher, R and Schlosser, F.

(2014). Transformative Innovation in Education: Flipping the classroom using mobile technologies, BYOD and online tutorials. Learning Futures Scholarship Program ($9.5k). With Fisher, R., Rixon, A.

(2014). Senior Entrepreneurship: Active Ageing. Faculty of Business and Enterprise Strategic Research Grant (FRG)($6k). With de Waal, A., Fisher, R.

(2012-2013). The Innovativity Audit: Developing an online Service Portfolio, in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing CRC ($179k). With Donovan, J., Cuganesan, S., Bedggood, R.

(2013). Organisational Change Related to the Implementation of ITL. Sponsored by the General Electric Company (GE). ($90k).  With Scheepers, H., Stockdale, R., de Waal, A., Felstead, C., McLoughlan, S. Duration: 1 year.

(2012). Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education: Australian Perspectives. Faculty of Business and Enterprise small grants scheme ($4k). With de Waal, A., Verhoeven, B., Rushworth, S.

(2011). Researcher in Business (RIB), Enterprise Connect with the Victorian Centre of Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) as linkage partner ($88k). With Donovan, J., Cuganesan, S. Duration: 1 year.

(2011). Benchmarking Innovation Capability and Practices in Australian Organisations, in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing CRC ($46k). With Donovan, J., Cuganesan, S. Duration: 1 year.

(2011). An analysis of process and outcomes of the implementation of blended learning approaches to entrepreneurship education at Swinburne University of Technology and Benkulu University, Indonesia. In collaboration with University of Bengula, Indonesia. Faculty of Business and Enterprise strategic grant ($8k). With Muhamad, A., Rushworth, S.

(2011). An investigation of the impact of franchising on independent firm survival. In collaboration with University of Tasmania. Faculty of Business and Enterprise strategic grant ($9k). With Jones, C (University of Tasmania).

(2011). Research and knowledge exchange enhancing an active engagement strategy in South East Asia. In collaboration with Chan Jung University, Taiwan. Faculty of Business and Enterprise strategic grant ($6k). With Le, V., Masli, S., de Waal, A., Verhoeven, B., Muhamad, A.

(2011). A blended learning approach to entrepreneurship education (intentionality and self-efficacy). Faculty of Business and Enterprise teaching innovation grant. ($2k).

(2011). Global outsourcing and value chains: the role of government orchestration in connecting SMEs internationally. Faculty of Business and Enterprise strategic grant ($21k). With Naidoo, V., Donovan, J.

(2011). Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship Mini Research Bootcamp. Faculty of Business and Enterprise strategic grant ($5k). With Rushworth, S., Buckley, T.

(2010). Entrepreneurial Digital and Social Media: A Survey of Australian Entrepreneurs and  Marketing Managers. The Centre of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Community, Deakin University ($15k). With Valos, M., Frederick, H.

(2009). Master of Science in Technology Innovation/Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Joint Degree); Global Innovation Management Program, Erasmus Mundus, ICI-ECP EU Mobility Project, European Union. With Strathclyde University (Scotland), Aalborg University (Denmark) and Hamburg Institute of Technology (Germany).  (€ 1.5 million).

(2011). 8th AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange Grant, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD, now DBI), Office of Small Business Victoria ($5k).

(2010). A blended learning approach to entrepreneurship education. Faculty of Business and Enterprise teaching innovation grant. ($9k).

(2009). For academic leadership and research-led development in entrepreneurship-directed approaches within postgraduate entrepreneurship education. Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Citation for outstanding contributions to student learning ($10k).

(2008). Education, training and professional development in the Australian franchise sector.  Seed funding to progress a proposed ARC linkage grant ($ 6k). With Grant, S., Lobo, A.C

(2007). Value creation within the New Zealand Plastics industry. A competitive grant and  research project commissioned by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTI); 2005, 2006 and 2007. Linkage partner: Plastics New Zealand. New Zealand Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Unitec NZ.($ 90k). With Prebble, D., Carswell, P.

(2003). Developing and Protecting New Zealand’s Tall Poppies, Exploratory Analysis of NZ Attitudes. A research project commissioned by Microsoft New Zealand; analysing attitudes regarding intellectual property infringement;  New Zealand Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, July, 2003. ($ 30k). With Gunuratne, A., Nel, P., Mitchell, H., Carswell, P., Bhat, R., Marriott, J.

(2003). The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2003/4: Toward High Growth Enterprise in New Zealand. Funding from The Ministry of Economic Development, Ernst and Young, Bartercard, Wetpac, Unitec NZ. ($250k). With Frederick, H., Bygrave, B., Carswell, P., Prebble, D.